Dealership consealed demo info/sold as new


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Angry Dealership consealed demo info/sold as new

2 yrs ago we bought a brand new 2005 Chevy Colorado with sprayed in bedliner. I have had it in the shop about every other month. Brakes kept sqealing and abs warning light would come on when I was not in motion. Water and rocks,sticks(small ones run over with tire) would cause the brakes to grind and release-momentarily loosing all brakes( when I'm almost completely stopped). Several attempts to explain this to the chevy tech and several hours in the waiting room of the dealership came up with nothing but the fact that I'm a woman and the tech has been in the mechanic business 8 yrs and he's right and I don't know what I'm talking about. I made several trips 1hr away to the dealership with the same problem and they always found nothing until suddenly my rotors were metal to metal and I had to come up with $5oo to pay the bill.
4am one morning as I was driving my daughter to work a half hour away, the truck kept jerking hard and pulling to the left. I let her off at work and left hoping the truck wouldnt do it again. An oncoming 18-wheeler had me hoping for no jerks as I passed it. As soon as I got along side it the truck jerked hard and I thought I was about to die right then. But I jerked back and got it onto the side road and managed to get it back to my daughters job.
A wrecker came and got it. It was the brakes again, well it was the speed sensors going out and causing it to lock the brakes. The whole front hubs were replaced- over $1000 in repairs.
Both u-joints have went out and had to be replaced.
I have reported all my problems to gmac and they were not very nice to put it nicely. I also reported to the bbb.
My last trip to the dealership was monday of this week. I asked the receptionist for copies of all my trips there and she got the copies ready while I watched. She went thru them and threw away more than half. I asked her why she was throwing them away and she said because the copier made 4 of each. hmmm
I looked at those invoices last night and found something that interested me. I purchased my truck on 05/26/05 and 5 of those invoices were for 02/02/05 and 02/16/05 before I bought it. The invoice said "demo/new"and had 49 and 50 as the milage( it said 37 on my contract). On 02/02/05-water leaking in on driver side floorboard-sent to bodyshop.
02/16/05 - (2 weeks later) water leaking into passenger side front from windshield leaking---leak tested--necessary to pull interior--removed carpet and interior to clean and dry carpet out--also realed body seam-pillar trim.
Added operation--water leaking at pillar post seam and windshield--water leak in windshield--r & r complete interior to reseal upper windshield pillar at roof--no way to pull windshield without breaking--cleaned and dried carpet--
added operation--due to water leaking inside pillar trim and windshield are a- (a- what?) water leaking in at pillar post and windshield area---headlining assembly wet---removed headlining assembly to dry and reinstall
install windshield
02/16/06 install spray in bedliner
new truck/demo
bed liner installed

I was shocked! This was never revealed to us. I imagine all of my electrical stuff was wet and thats why I am having so much trouble with that darn truck. My brother believes they may have wrecked it and then tried to cover it up. They don't know I have this invoice. I don't think that receiptionist meant for me to get it.
What steps should I take, or action should I take? They stole my hard earned money that I worked so hard to save for the down payment. And all the trips I've had to make to get my truck fixed and the money I had to spend on that.Not to mention the almost $500 a month on notes I've paid for the last 2 years...Any help, advice? Thanks!
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A demo vehicle is considered new until it is titled, regardless of how many miles or how much service work it's had done.

While it may have been nice of them to reveal previous repairs, it certainly wasn't in their best interest and in all likely hood, they were under no obligation to do so.

Aren't you glad these repairs were done before _you_ go the vehicle and not after?

I would think it would still be under warranty (but I am not familiar with GMAC's warranties). Unless there is some way you can prove that the defective speed sensors caused the premature wear on the rotors/pads, you are out of luck as they are considered consumable parts not covered by ANY warranty.
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You say the invoices for the ore-purchase had mileage records higher than the mileage on the car when you bought it??

That would indicate the odometer was rolled back which is illegal (at least in Colorado).
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I agree. If the truck had that many problems and that much work done on it before you ever bought it, how could it have only 37 miles on it? I think you could prove some sort of odometer fraud if you tried. Make sure the receptionist gave you invoices for the correct vehicle though. She may have given you someone elses truck info. Check the VINs.
Even if you can't prove the odometer thing, that many things wrong may constitute a lemon, and there are lemon laws.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. If you are located in Wisconsin, this sounds like it may be covered under the lemon law:

Other states may have something similar.

Good luck.
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Water damage and leaking? sounds to me like you bought a flood car. One that might have been sitting in water for a long time. The manufacturer's often have auctions to dealers only. These auctions are for slightly damaged autos that the manufacturer bought back from the original dealer the manufacture sold the cars to. Hail Damage is one of the biggest reasons for this type of auction. Your truck sounds like one that should have never been sold. thats just my opinion. These damaged cars may never have been titled so depending on your State they could be sold as new.
Bottom line is, I'm afraid you are going to need to get very nasty with the dealer and GM. See if your state has a lemon law. You may also want to contact a lawyer. Or at least do a web search on flood cars and trucks. I also have to ask why isn't GM doing some of the repairs under warranty? good luck hope you are able to get some satisfaction
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It's not a flood vehicle.. The water leaks are around the windshield..
Re-read the first post..
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If your contract states that the car had 37 miles on it and a prior service invoice states it had 50, it is obvious they rolled back the odometer (could it have said 4.9 or 5.0? I know of no state where that is legal and you would have a pretty good case against them.

I would start by writing a certified letter, return receipt, to the dealership, informing them of the information you have. While it may be legal to sell you a "new" car with known issues (without disclosure), it would also demonstrate that there were ongoing issues with the car and any applicable lemon laws apply.

I am curious, someone else mentioned warranty, you only got it 2 years ago, new, I agree, most of these repairs should be under warranty.
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Can you even turn the odometer back on a vehicle that new ??
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granniegirl...I suggest you pay another visit to the dealer. Insist on speaking to the General Manager and tell him your problem .Give him a chance to fix the problem,if not call the manufacture. Chances are he does'nt want ant bad publicity.if int he end you get no satisfaction call the local tv station.
Good Luck
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mattison Can you even turn the odometer back on a vehicle that new ??

Yes you can with the right software and a laptop. Most locksmiths have this when they have to program new keys to certain cars. The software they buy has this option to change the odometer reading.

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