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i am trying to lease a new car with zero cash down, and when i asked to bring down the msrp of 31900 down to 31000 i was told the price we are working with is 29290, but when i look at the numbers, while they want at least 500 down and 2800 capcost/fees/dmv/taxes, i think they are trying to sneak the difference between 31900 and 29290 into the capcost amount which is really a down payment! something i told them i dont want to do.
any help here?
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Walk away. Buy what only that for which you can pay cash. Financing an item whose value depreciates as rapidly as a car is financially unsound. Two year old cars can often be bought at half their original price and still have factory warranty on them.
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Leasing is different then buying. When you say no money down when buying a car, it means something different when leasing a car. I lease a new truck every two years. Some have been no money down others have not. When leasing, there are certain costs that heve to be paid up front. I looked at your list, and it is basically the same as mine on a no money down lease. I did not see any red flags from what you have given us. But, if you were buying that car, most of those charges could be added to the price and you would not have to pay up front for them. Remember, when leasing, you are not leasing form the dealership your shopping at. You leasing from the car company. For instance GM, Ford, etc. The dealership is just doing the paper work for them. Good Luck

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