Is this Yukon work $3500?


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Is this Yukon work $3500?

Hi, I've been looking at a 1995 Yukon with 188k miles on it. It is a two door and has a 5.7L in it and the major defects on it is the drivers door is bent up a good bit on the hinges and what not and the rear bumper is pretty rusted up. The park lights seem to stay on aswell. I runs and sounds good the 4wd works aswell. I don't know if it is worth that amount though. I am considering trying to trade my 1993 Ford Ranger for it. It is a 5 speed with 4 inch lift on it. Has a 4.0L in it and has 105k on it. It has brand new lockin lock out hubs on it. The clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and slave cylinder are all brand new.
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The brake light may indicate an ebrake issue or on some vehicles it is even an indicator that the pads/shoes are done. Just FYI. I would suggest a full inspection, the $50-70 may save you a lot down the road. I've made the mistakes of buying used cars without inspections in the past because the price was right and regretted it.
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Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.
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Well I talked to the owner today and he said he'd want $1500 difference if I'd trade my truck in. I was like "[email protected]#$ that" because I got $3500 in my truck and I ain't going to let it go for $2000.
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Has anyone tried to sell a vehicle on eBay?
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I might pay $2500 for the Yukon, but I think that's a bit much. $2000 is probably more like it. I don't think you could get $3500 for your Ranger. It sounds like it's probably worth more to you than anyone else because you know all the work it's had lately. It's probably worth $1500-2000.

If I could only do a quick inspection on each, it sounds like the two vehicles would be worth roughly equal amounts.
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Rangers, at 105,000 still have a lot of life left in them. the Yukon is coming with $800 to $1000 in body damage and at 188,000 is due to start breaking down.

I would forget the Yukon and either keep the Ranger or sell it outright.

Hope this helps,


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