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Not sure if this is the right forum?

I just bought a used car from a private owner; but before doing so, I searched quite a few dealers and pre-owned car lots. (BTW, I think I got a pretty good buy but that's besides the point)

My question has to do with detailing. I noticed the pre-owned cars at the major dealerships were detailed beautifully from the outer finish, to the engine bay, to the wheel wells, to the rims and tires, to the cabin, all the way to the inside of the trunk.

I'd like to get my new (used) car detailed like the ones on the car lots.
There are a lot of detailer's around town....but:
*How can I be sure they're going to do a quality job?
*How much should I expect to pay? (midsize SUV)

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many car dealers have local detailers go over their trade ins. I'm sure a dealer would be happy to recommend a one to you.

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