Buying and selling Salvage vehicles


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Buying and selling Salvage vehicles

Hey guys. I'm VERY new to this board, and prolly should have read more tonight, but here goes.

I own a transport company (vehicles) and I seem to be hauling more salvage/wrecked cars lately. I'm wondering how to get into this business of buying from say COPARTS or IAA's and either parting the cars out, or reselling them somehow.

How much does a car go for at the junk yard? Where do I look for these guys that are buying these cars??? Just looking for any other way to make some extra $$ by buying and selling/parting these things myself!

Feel free to leave any and all responeses please!


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I think most junkyards will only give like $50-100 for a vehicle. Recycling shops will give much more if you don't mind removing the gas tank and the rest of any flammable fluids. Just brought an old blazer in and they payed $280 for it. I am unsure if these prices vary from state to state though. Also, I probably would have payed them to watch that blazer get crushed like it did. Instead I got payed. Big win win.
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Our local junkyard is paying about $100/ton for incoming; not sure what they would sell one for on the outgoing side.

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