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Need high-seated econo car

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04-04-08, 10:57 PM   #1  
Need high-seated econo car

Despite having undergone major hip surgeries, my 5'5" 120 pound girlfriend continues to have problems with her hips, and finds it nearly impossible to get up and out of cars (unattended) that sit low, like her daughter's Honda Civic and my Ford Escort.

She currently drives a Ford F-150XLT Club Cab 4wd that works great for her, but she is about to start a job with a long commuting distance, so we are hoping to find more of an economy car for her to use.

Any suggestions where to start?

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04-05-08, 05:31 AM   #2  
I think I would start at one of the local mega-sized used car lots. They're bound to have a wide selection of makes & models and you can simply go up and down the rows trying them out for size.

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04-06-08, 07:15 PM   #3  
I've never been in one, but the

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser isn't real costly and it does seem to have that mid-sized look for getting into and out of..

They even have a rag-top now..

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04-21-08, 06:20 AM   #4  
mini vans give the the height that helps with bad hips with out the rough ride of a truck based vehicle.

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04-21-08, 06:28 AM   #5  
hmmm maybe somethin like the Scion xB or xA? Agree with Tow-Guy, tho...go to one of the superstores.

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04-21-08, 08:19 AM   #6  
RE: The PT Cruiser, that's a dodge neon frame, so it's not going to sit very high.

I'd be looking at something in the area of a Kia Sportage, Geo Tracker (if you can find one), or a similar compact SUV. They still get decent mileage but have a much higher seat height and ground clearance.

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04-21-08, 09:24 AM   #7  
Maybe a small SUV.. I'm not sure how big those are,

but the Honda CRV is not really big, but may be on the large side for a smaller person.

I drive an old 1999 CRV and my wife is also 5'5" (about 130) and she doesn't like climbing 'up' to get in, but really dislikes how high the car is when she gets out.
She has to stretch quite a bit to reach the ground. Almost has to jump out.

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04-21-08, 04:25 PM   #8  
If she doesn't need 4 wheel drive, a 2 wheel drive truck depending on engine and options can be fairly easy on gas. SUVs are nice but a 4x4 never gets great mileage.

I have a bad back and understand about low setting cars I can always get out of my 4x4 or old work van with no problems but put me in my wife's car for 100 miles and I'm only 4' tall until I walk a ways.

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04-21-08, 07:00 PM   #9  
Need high-seated econo car

I am taller than your wife, but have gone through surgeries and therapy and have a bit of a feel for the general problem, but a limited knowledge of available cars today.

When I finally got out of therapy, I needed a box to step on to get into my daughter's Chev Avalanch or my son's Yukon. The height was a problem, just as my wife's little Sunfire, which was too low.

Look around a just sit in the cars. Find the right height, door opening (I had knee problems and now hip also) and find what is the right height.

It was a pleasure to get into my Jimmy because it was not to low or too high like the Avalanch or Yukon and I didn't have to do the bending for a too-small car.

My car does not great mileage, but I don't drive too much, so I have interest in getting anything different, based on what I have rented while traveling. - It just works for my disability.

My wife now has a Blazer (same size as my Jimmy), but it is tough to get into for one VERY MAJOR reason. I have leather seats and hers is fabric. For me, the ability to slide easily makes any height more usable. - Look for a leather seat if possible.


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04-23-08, 04:10 AM   #10  
The new Ford Taurus is very easy to get in and out of. I was impressed during a test drive.

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05-04-08, 08:29 PM   #11  
I drive a scion xb just for that reason. Find one and give it a test fit and you will be truly amazed. Everyone who gets into mine is in awe at how easy entry is.

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