New car search


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New car search

Looking for a new minivan........looking at Honda Odessy, Nissan Quest and Toyota Seinna.

Any thoughts on any of these.......?
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Toyota, but I'm somewhat biased from 30 years of Toy ownership.
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That's a pretty good bias TG

This will be my 1st import.

Use to only buy domestic to support the US but now with the situation the big 3 are in and the uaw un-willing to make consessions, it's time to go import.
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toy or honda, from working on imports in the past.

life begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.
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Car shopping absolutley stinks!

Been to a dozen dealerships and found very little and the sales people act like I'm doing them a favor by walking through their door.......and believe me there was nobody else knocking down the doors to get in.

I thought it was supposed to be a buyers body wants to make's sticker price and I have to give up my first born.

Most of the car sales people we delt with so far are so unbelievable incompetent as sales people it makes perfect sense why the Big 3 are are in trouble.

I sell copiers for a living and I'm not that good at it but I could sell circles around these people.
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As a Toyota owner myself I am biased towards them too. But I can tell you the Sienna is very well made based on my friends experience the other night. She was leaving work around dusk and as she approached a light a deer ran out in front of her and froze. She hit it but it took off, hopefully not injured too bad.

The only damage to the Sienna was a cracked plastic grille and the headlight casing broke (though the headlight still works). Toyota knows how to put a vehicle together!
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It's a comfort to know all this good press for the Toyota because I just bought first import.

I got a great deal on 2008 Sienna with 5,000 miles.

Was very impressed with the drivability.

Low road noise, great turning radius and good ergonomics something our '98 Windstar couldn't hold a candle to except the ergonomics.

Mrs. Mackey is also very pleased with the purchase.........(which is MOST important).

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