Salvage success


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Salvage success

My son was in an accident and mashed parts of his car. It is a 1999 Infiniti I30. It still runs, and would drive if the fender would just get away from the tire. There is damage to the front and the rear. My question is this... has anyone had any luck selling a car for salvage or for parts? I really want to get it out of the driveway, and he would like to recoup some of the towing charges( getting the car home from the accident).
Any advice would be helpful. We are also fine with donating it, just not familiar with the process.
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use a big pry bar to bend the fender out from the tire, then craigs list or e-bay, or call up a local charity most will accept cars to resale.

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The car is probably only worth a couple hundred bucks or so.It depends on the damage level and it should be looked at in only one way and that is a source of parts.

Forget ebay as nobody would bid but locals and it isn't worth the lsting fees etc to just get local interest if any on ebay.

CL is a better possibility since it's free and local oriented.If you do use CL take pictures and be very honest both in text and in pics of the condition.

Otherwise reach out to junkyards,salvage yards and feel them out on what they'd give you.Many will want it for free so call around.

Unless the car is either not too bad off or has low miles etc forget charity.Your writeoff is what they get for it at auction and without a "hook" to draw decent bids it will be next to nothing.
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Try selling it on Kijiji, it's free on is local.
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Ahh, Speedwrench, as you are also "made of meat" are you offering yourself as dinner? ;-)

craigs List is a good idea. Often if a car is still running someone will buy it to ship overseas when we wouldn't think of running it here.

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