Third row or no?


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Question Third row or no?

Does anyone have a solution to the following problem? My 5 year old with autism canoot stop touching my infant son's car seat while we are moving. My oldest is able to smack hit and bother my newborn when he is upset-which is almost every time I am in the car with the both of them. My car is a Saab 9-3 2004. I am debating getting rid of it for a vehicle with a third row. My husband says no.
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Once you have kids, the sports cars go bye-bye.
A Saab with 2 kids..?? Wow, you have no fear.!!
Get an SUV with the 3rd row, very practicle.
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The solution would be for you and your husband to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Is your husband concerned that separating the kids would not be helpful in trying to teach your 5 yo to control his behavior?
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Third seat

Have you asked other parents who have an autism child how they handle things like this. I think it is wise to ask the people who have dealt with this already in their lives. Now that I am older I regret not listening to others that have been in the same situations that I have been in life. There are support groups and maybe just a phone call or email to one of the groups can offer better advice then someone who doesn't have a special child such as this.
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We got a minivan with a third row because my wife and her sister do daycare for each other and have three kids between them - perfect solution in this case. In yours, the answer is not so simple - autism is different in every child, the right solution for your problem is likely not going to be found here but rather in the opinion of people who know a lot about handling kids with autism.

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