Chevy Impala


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Chevy Impala

My current 1995 Camry with 225K miles is on its last life. It has a major oil leak and would cost @ $1,500 to fix so I decided to start shopping for a new Sedan. I want a sedan that will have more front and rear leg room and a roomy rear so I can fit my sons car seat and still have 2 people fit in the back. A big trunk is good too.

The only car I can find that fits my criteria is a Chevy Impala but I am concerned if it can produce the same results as my 1995 Camry. Can an Impala go that high? Are there other vehicles to consider that would be in the mid $25K range? My wife already has a Venza.
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American cars are every bit as capable of reaching the 200,000 to 300,000 mile mark as imported cars. The secret is simply doing the routine maintenance outlined in the owners manual. I recently traded in a 1999 Ford which had 310,000 miles on it with no major repairs, and it still ran flawlessly; I was just ready for a new car after owning it 11 years. Where I live, most people commute long distances to work, and attaining over 200,000 miles on any make of car is pretty much a given. So don't believe the hype that American cars won't last as long as Asian ones -- they can and do. The problem has been that American manufacturers haven't stressed the importance of routine maintenance as much as import manufacturers. A Chevy Impala or other domestic car of this size can easily rack up several hundred thousand miles if treated properly.
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I've been thinking of taking a look at the Ford Fusion...very good reviews across the board and I like it's looks as well....

2010 Ford Fusion Reviews, Pictures and Prices - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews

Check out the link in the article to the entire list.

EDIT...hmmm I see Impala is in the Large car category, so that list may not be what you need...but your Camry is in the mid-size class as well.
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My last GM vehicle was a 92 Olds Cutlass Ciera, which I drove until 252,000 miles. Don't know whether the guy I sold it to is still driving it.
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My wife and I recently purchased a new Mercury Milan this car is the same as the Ford fusion, our cars sticker was under 23K and loaded with options it has the 4cyl fi engine(6 cyl was about 1200 more) we actually looked at a Toyota and we were downsizing from a Nissan Maxima. We bought this car because I could fit in the back seat with the wife driving and the salesman in the front seat on the test drive( I'm 6' and about 300 lbs). I have been blown away with about 30mpg and decent power and luxury class ride. I would recommend not buying the Monte, I have owned a lot of newer GM products and have always been a Chevy fan but the quality is waining. Good luck with your car search.
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Look hard at the Ford products (Focus, Fusion) that may fit your needs because they have consistently out-ranked (quality and performance) Government Motors and Chrysler, which has no real direction. Since they both are trying to bail out with mirrors and advertising on many products. A used Nissan Maxima (3.5L) might also be a good option because of resale and quality.

I have 2 GM SUVs (150,000 and 95,000 miles) that have worked well despite the "toy" suspension and weak front ends, but the new Fords look great and would be my first preference since I cannot afford a Bugatti Veyron made by Volkswagen/Porsche that has a top speed of 265 mph using 2 small (250 ci) Volkswagen V8s that are usually not exported out of Europe. - I just love great autos and like to dream!

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As soon as my divorce is final, I'm looking at buying a Fusion (assuming the attornery leaves any money in my checking account...)

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