Ford Taurus 1994


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Ford Taurus 1994

I have an old ford taurus 1994.. It has been sitting outside for a long time. What should i do with it? If i donate it what should i look out for? Also can i sell it to a scrap place?
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That vintage chances are it has a blown head gasket and/or dead transmission, very common. If you donate it there's really nothing to look out for other tahn dealing with a reputible charity. Be a little cautious; there are lots or alleged charities with names sounding much like the better know ones but whose fund raising largely goes to the people collecting the money and administering. I would go with someone like Salvation Army or DAV (be careful about other "veteran's" groups; it's a popular way to raise money. If you see a guy in camouflage fatigues, he's not necessarily even a veteran).

At that age/condition car, 9 times out of 10 the charity is going to junk it for the scrap value.

If you want to get rid of it yourself, check your classifieds; there will probably be several ads for buying/picking up junk cars. Alternately you can locate the nearest recycler, see what the scrap rate is and pay a towing company to tow it there. Also some towing companies will buy junk cars; I don't, but it's not uncommon. That will reduce your net proceeds, so balance the bottom line against what a junk guy will give you for picking it up. Scrap rate around here is running somehwere around $10-12/100#. This translates to about $300 at the recycler, i.e. probably not a good idea to let a junk guy pick it up and give you fifty bucks unless it's a long way to the recycler and/or the tow there would be expensive. When I do a junk car tow to a recycler I charge my wholesale rate for the job.

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