Pontoon boat


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Pontoon boat


I am looking to purchase a pontoon boat. I would like a pre-owned pontoon boat. I would like to cruise, fish, and tube/hydroslide behind this pontoon boat. My questions are:

1.) what length?
2.) what brand?
3.) what size engine?


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Hard call to make. The last one I owned was 22' with a 35 hp Yamaha engine. A little underpowered in my initial estimate, but I forgot, it wasn't a speedboat. Point A to Point B. Your best bet is to visit a reputable new boat dealer, view what they have to offer, figure the $ involved in getting what you want, then you are educated. Buying a used one will be easy, since you know a little about pontoons.
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Pontoon boats are fine for the fishing and crusing part but are horrible at higher speeds, trying to pull something and when trying to turn.
You would need a min. of an 80 HP and as long a boat as possible, if it's to short the sturn is going to try and dig in and the bows going to be so high you will not be able to see where your going.
When looking at boats make sure to look for pitting in the pontoons. People are famous for trying to use copper bottom paint on an aluminum hull which will distroy the aluminum.
Also look behind the seats. Lots of times the seat backs are rotted out.
Any time I buy anything with an outboard engine I replace the water pump and the have the carberator rebuilt. If a pump give out the motor will distroyed in a few min.
Water pumps need to be replaced every few years.
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80HP on a pontoon?!! Seams a little much.

Pontoons are good for smaller lakes IMO where you don't get much chop. Length will depend on how many people are with you. HP motor will go up and you get longer but a 40-50Hp will do you good unless you want to go fast.

Not sure why Joe says to change the water pump so much. We never have and have had no issues. Most newer motors have heat alarms anyway.
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Not that I'm a big boat guy...but wouldn't one question be WHERE you will be using it? And will it be trailered to and from or left at one place?

My neighbor has what I guess is more of a "party cat deck boat", which he uses on Lake Mead (big long lake) for fishing, cruising, and skiing. Bout 27 ft, 350 engine, room for 10 people. That type seems to be more popular than regular pontoon boats around here.
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I have 24' pontoon w/ a 90 horse O/B. Does about 23 mph wide open and I have no problem pulling tubers. The stern doesn't dig in or the bow rising. It will take 40 acres to turn while pulling a tube, 'course it takes 35 w/o the tube LOL. We love it and call it the "floating back yard". The thing I like about a pontoon is it cuts right thru wakes and waves, very smooth ride when there's lots of ski boats around. Of course if you are out on a large lake w/ wind driven large waves you must slow down. If a pontoon boat tries to go thru too large a wave, the wave will clean everything off the deck. This includes seats, rails and passengers!!

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