Missing Catalytic Converters


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Missing Catalytic Converters

my bro just bought 1998 mustang gt it didnt have cats and the seller did not tell us the problem ....we took it to muffler shop it need 6 catalic converters and will cost me bout 1500 -2000 dollars to fix
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Fluffy, welcome to the forums! It's a 4 year old post, and hopefully they got theirs fixed. Be aware, some aftermarket cat systems aren't legal for CA use. Yes, there are 6 cats, but some systems run as low as $800. You'll have to do some checking around before paying 2 grand for it. How did the guy pass CA emissions without the cat system???
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I looked in JC whitney, and even there best system for that car wasn't that high.
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I don't normally advocate running to the authorities over every simple little thing, but California has some pretty strict emissions rules, and federal rules also generally prohibit tampering with emissions control devices. If you want the seller to have to deal with this then you might want to see if the State has any method for recourse. They might go after the seller for you.
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Several years ago a friend of mine bought a used truck and when he took it to the Virginia inspection station it failed to pass because there wasn't a cat convertor. Fortunately when he bought the truck the receipt for a new exhaust system was in the glove box. He took it back to the muffler shop and showed them the receipt and failed inspection paper - they quickly found an open rack and installed a new exhaust, complete with cat for free. They could have been fined for installing an exhaust system that didn't have a catalytic convertor on a vehicle that required one.

I think the biggest issue with going after the seller is proving he knew the exhaust system was illegal.

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