Anyone recently license a vehicle in CA?


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Angry Anyone recently license a vehicle in CA?

I found a car I want in San Diego and I live in omaha. There is a lovely new law in CA as of Jan 1st 2012 stating that new car purchases must be registered in CA and state taxes paid IN CALIFORNIA. I have no CA residence. What is needed at the CA DMV to prove residency to get a car registered and tagged? I called them and found that I dont even need a CA license but didnt think if how I might prove that I live there. Is a utility bill or something required? I know there are a ton of undocumented workers pulling this off somehow.....

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Well...I imagine you can get it registered and temp plates. They want their sales tax of course. Even if they require full year plates (I've never heard of that when you are taking it out of state) you can normally mail them back and get a refund for much of the cost.

Except for part time residents (or out of state military who are stationed there with mismatched documents)...I've never had a problem. I registered a car in CA with an OH address and years later did the same with a VA address.

It IS CA, so they may have even gotten crazier...but I bought a vehicle there and drove it back to VA on 10 day tags. Even got a waiver on the smog inspection.

Sorry...not really helpful I guess...but I think you might need to call them again.
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Take delivery outside of California

This is done with boats all the time. The rules have changed in terms of documenting the process and keeping the asset outside of California. But if you can get the seller to deliver the car to your state of domicile, or you hire a delivery company to ship it to your state, you should be able to avoid the tax since its "first use" by you is outside California.
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California AB 1215 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I didn't see anything in this brief explanation about residency. Maybe this isn't the same law?

As far as the undocumented workers, I've read that they look for used cars with current tags but never change titles with DMV. I ran across a situation like that with a boat I was looking at. The seller didn't transfer the title when they bought it from the previous owner and gave me a sob story about their run in with the DMV paper work. Yeah, right................

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