decison time


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decison time

I have a 2007 Honda accord ,and @ 2003 GMC pk-up. Both are in good condition,but one must go.

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What do you need in a vehicle? Getting rid of a pickup can put a dent in what you can haul around but if it's just you and lotsa miles, the pickup's mileage isn't pretty.
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In your area...I'm sure the P/U is less valuable. Bring it out here (rust free) and you'd get over book. As Mitch (always the voice of reason) said, what are your driving habits? Short little around town trips, probably not much difference, ever go 300-400 miles for a visit? The Honda would be the keeper in that case. You can always rent a truck or call a friend for a once a year thing.
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Personally I wouldn't want to be without a truck BUT the honda likely gets a LOT better fuel mileage!
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Thanks every one for your replies.

The truck is 11 yrs. old with roughly 48000mi,,runs great. The Honda is in likewise condition, but one has to go because of the expense of having two vehicles .

The Honda ,my wife's car is comfy, but being a truck owner for many years its hard to think of getting rid of it. I'm in my middle 70's and must admit, I can't just into the truck like I used to

I thought I'd just throw this dilemma out to you folks
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You don't answer the questions, so no one can recommend which without more info.
From your last post, sounds like you need practical mostly, so go with the Honda.

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