Colorado - Frontier or Tacoma?


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Colorado - Frontier or Tacoma?

Im leaning off the Tacoma and towards a colorado due to some research and DEF price. I wanted a Tacoma really bad but the better ones apparently seem to be a rich mans truck.
The colorado from 2014 and up seems to beat out the other 2 in almost every aspect but I was hoping some of you guys could chime in and tips and info.
Im def looking into 4wd and 6cyl. I dont need to haul HEAVY loads but always need to pick up ply and drywall for my rentals. I would like an extended (dont need full) cab for my tools as well.

What do you folks think. I had a used s10 for a few years but recently sold it cheap to a mechanic who wanted a fixer upper beater truck because it just kept coming up with new issues every time I fixed the last. Id love to see it back on the road cause that thing was def a little tank and it had the 4.3 everyone loved.
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My first question would be which would be easiest to have serviced in your area? Might not make a difference but I dealt with a relative last year whose car was broken and it was pretty amazing to see how far they had to have it towed (past other shops and dealerships) to have it fixed.
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I had a base Camaro with the High Feature V6 which had 324 hp and it's the same engine in the Colorado has (somewhat de-tuned).

That was one of the best performing engines Ive had in a car!

Got 26mpg, who needs wimpy hybrid cars with performance and savings like that!!
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i had a 2008 tacoma (since new) up until this year when it was stolen (january). My vote would be tacoma for the simple fact that they hold their value. I paid 29k for it, drove it for almost ten years and insurance paid me 19k for it. pretty damn good!

not sure on the resale of the colorado, but i do like them too. i know there is tremendous support for the tacoma .... online, after market parts, etc. Its sort of a cult following with the tacoma. the colorado is like a little brother of the silverado so not sure of the suppport.
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My Tacoma has 308k miles on it and still runs great. Enough said.
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About 210k on my 2004 Tacoma. One of the best trucks I've ever owned.
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Contrary to what Ford and other makes like to advertise, Toyota pickups and 4Runners are by far the best selling vehicles in the world. There is a reason for this, they run and run and run. Yes, they are expensive, but worth every dime. If you need proof, just go to any craigslist and compare the prices of Toyota trucks vs ANY other manufacturer, and you will see that even 80's models are selling at premium prices. There is a reason for this.

I do admit however, that I am a Chevrolet fan when it comes to aftermarket performance parts, you simply cannot beef up any motor as easily or cheaply as a Chevy V8. I also considered the Colorado when I bought my last truck, but simply could not get around not having V8 torque and HP. I ended up buying a new Z-71 Silverado which is now up to 575 hp, and could not be happier with it, except for the simple fact that its resale value has dropped a crazy amount only 3 years later, and I know that if I had bought the Tundra it would have held not only its value, but I know the Silverado will reach the end of its life much sooner than the Toyota. I bought it anyway, because the interior was much nicer, I liked its styling TONS more, there are as mentioned earlier WAY more aftermarket options, and lastly, Toyota absolutely reams you on the price of upgrades.
I would make the suggestion, if you would consider buying used instead, getting a 4th gen 4Runner Sport in 4wd with the 4.7 V8, IF you can find find someone willing to let one go. Yes, you will have to get a small trailer for hauling, but its the most all-around capable off-road vehicle you can buy IMO, is built like a tank, and will run practically forever with regular service. Right now,, the NADA considers the 06-07 4Runner as the most dependable vehicle EVER made.
Just my 2 cents.
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