Old beat up Porsche 944? Good Project?


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Old beat up Porsche 944? Good Project?

Hey folks. Saw this 80's Porsche 944. Its really beat up looking. The body looks ok, paint is terrible and the interior looks very bad. Not sure if it runs. Are these good project cars or not worth it? They want $650 for it. I don't want a money pit, just a fun project. It would need a whole new interior.
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Just a personal opinion but it says "money pit" to me.

Now on a PROFESSIONAL level, by ALL means.......
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So I've had several 914's the 944's were sort of cheap and low performance.

Anything with "Porsche" on it costs an arm and leg, that was a benefit of the 914, they had a ton of VW content so parts were easy to get.

About the only good thing with the 944's is a small block can be swapped in and get some performance but even then hard to get your money out of them.

Conclusion, money pit but most cars are anyway, got to love em!!
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When the first 944 Turbos came out (~1986), they were the fastest car Porsche sold. But that was with 'only' 217 bhp from the factory (from a 2.5L I-4). The non-turbo was just 163 bhp.

On todays market, even the Turbo's 217 bhp isn't very brag-worthy.

If you can tolerate a little rough around the edges, right now you can buy an early model Boxster (236 bhp with base 2.7L engine) for less than $10,000. Until you can assess the condition of the mechanicals, it's arguable whether $10,000 on top of the purchase price would do that car justice. Plus the only used Porsches that fetch Porsche money are 911s. The rest usually turn up on bargain lots.
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Is it a good project car........ hmmmmmm..... really only you can answer that.
You said it needs interior and paint. Paint is no big deal but interior parts can be costly.
If you can't confirm it runs you may be running into some major expenses just because it says Porsche on it.
You need to come up with a budget of what you are willing to spend and see if it's do-able.
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interior parts on the vehicles are hard to find and expensive. The previous poster is correct.

From the small photo you sent it looks like the car is a parts vehicle.
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Even if you are able to do a lot of the work yourself, the parts for something like this ar going to be outrageous. If you want a Porsche, spend a little more for something newer and it better shape. If you want a project, buy something where the parts are easy to find and cheaper (not suggesting anything but an example would be a Mustang or Camaro - there are lots of parts out there for cars like this because there are lots of people out there working on/restoring them).
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You need to go to a classic or collectibel car to even consider restoring without calling it a money pit. There is nothing particularly special or collector worthy about a 1980 944 to bring a premium price. It is the definition of a suckers money pit.

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