Personal Water pureification kits.

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Smile Personal Water pureification kits.

I would like any information on the portable water treatment kits for single use. The type that use screw on Bio/Chem filters.

This would be for use with stream, River & spring water if possable. I see the rollup plastic bags & would use that for the dirty water to pass through the filter as cleaned water, into a canteen.

Any opinions welcome, on the use of the filters vers, Chemical. I have some reservations on using a filter over the Chemical method but this is why I am asking for your input.

Thanks Marturo
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Ill have to do some digging but if you want ill try and find it.I found a caten.That had a filter in it you just dip it to fill and drink right out of it.I no nothing about water pur. but the write up said that it was an absalute 2micron (i think it was).And they said something about the absalute part.It ment that no holes in the filter where biggger than the 2 microns.Other may very greatly,even tought they clam 2micron or whatever size filtration.

Humm i seen the link to the add for it, on a survivalist/malisha (maybe nut-cases, but non the less,informative) web site.So i thought if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me.But i never got around to ordering it.It was also good for somewhere around 2000 refills.Depend on how dirty the water was.They made it sound as tought you could drip sewer water though it and live. Also it apeared to look like a normal plastic milatary canten.It was around 30 dollars.

Ive been enterested in this (survival) kinda thing for a while but never get the time to buy it and go out to ruff it and use it.But this would even be handy for hikeing,camping,fishing,or just to have on hand.I really need to do some home work on this i guess.

Survivail tip= water that evapurates is pure(so i read).I also read something about diging a small hole and puting a cup in the bottom,then drap a piece of plastic over the hole.The plastic would catch condesation from the damp soil and drip into the cup,when pionted to it like a funnel.It also said you could put grass,leave or any green plant in the hole to quicken the process.Also body fluid,but i think id have to be very tirsty to rescycle.
But i do think it would work pretty good,if you lay plastic on the ground it will be wet in just a few miniutes sometimes.
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Cool Clean Water

Hey insainity,

Yes, do let me know when you find it. Having a water purifacation kit, is not a bad thing to have just in case. Because we need clean water everyday, no matter where & why we don't have it. Water we must have.

Faster & More is better, with time, your Boil & cool is as good at killing pathagens as most, but will not remove Toxins or grit.

A mix of both may be best in the long run. We can become survivalist in a matter of moments, & having a few things that work with us, may make all the difference.

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