Igloo Cooler (Playmate)


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Igloo Cooler (Playmate)

This is the nearest place I could think of to ask this question. It's a repair question, dealing with a large Igloo "Playmate" cooler. First off, I dont normally go dumpster diving. But my neighbor had a large Igloo Playmate cooler out by the trash items to be picked up by the trash collector this Friday. I had to go check it out. Clean and in good shape. Only missing the spring button located on the side, which is used to lock the top hood or cover on place. I have found a replacement online, around $4 + shipping. Fairly cheap. But thought the folks here at DIY might give me some idea's of how to fix this on the cheap. I know, $4 is cheap. But, I'm looking for an idea that is even cheaper. Like free !
Just some other alternative way of keeping the hood closed in the locked position.
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4 + S&H your probably looking at 10or so .

how about a bicycle innertube ? put a string around the cooler to get the demision , wallyworld tubes where only a couple a bucks last time I looked . just a big ole rubber band .

if you want to get fancy you can epoxy some wood blocks and use a screen door hook .

probably work something up with velcro .

look around , get creative with whats at hand and let us knwo what works

welcome to the world of dumpster diving


heres a link to a dumpster diving forum to help you expand your knowldge of the sport .

just thought of this , when you find the size tube you need start watcing the curb on trash day for the right size bike ..

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The spring latch is a pain to begin with, so why fix it? I have several that don't work, and I prefer them that way. They are much easier to open and close, than the one's that have the latch working.

OR, go spend the $4 plus shipping, but you might regret it!
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I found a piece of pvc tubing that fit in the cooler's cavity and still allow the hood or cover to move around it. Now, I am looking for another piece of tubing to fit in it, if pvc tubing is made in that size. If so, then I can glue or rtv the first piece into the cavity and use the second, slightly longer piece as a dead bolt, so to speak. To prevent the hood from opening. Drill a small hole in the longer, bolt part and tie it off to the carry handle so as not to lose the bolt, when not in use. At the moment, I am using the cap from an old magic marker. It doesnt look very pretty, but it get's the job done.
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You might try a couple of strong magnets. Glue them in the proper place on the cooler and the lid and it should hold the lid in the closed position. Wouldn't take much to hole the lid up.

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A Quick Cheap Fix

A standard size wine bottle cork works really well. Just the right size to stay in place. Just throw it in the cooler when not in use.
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Six and a half year old question....

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