Cold weather hammock sleeping bag liners


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Cold weather hammock sleeping bag liners

So I'm doing a mid-fall backpacking trip at the end of september. I am going to use my hiking sleeping bag which is really light, but this year with a liner and later in the year in a hammock.
Instead of freezing line every other year, and due to a super tight budget, I'm making a liner. The liner will be made from a light fleese blanket. I'm including a pocket at the foot and chest for chemical shake and bake warmers and am thinking of using an emergency reflective blanket.
My question is, should I put the emergency blanket between the liner and sleeping bag, or between the hammock and sleeping bag?

between he liner and bag will keep mpre heat in, but won't breath as well being plastic. Between the sleepimg bag and hammock will breath better, but may keep less heat in and be more noisy.
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I assume you are talking about a "space blanket" that has a red or camo side and reflective side. Put the reflective side toward you. I don't know it was correct, but it worked well.

I have used one several times and comfortably fell sleep in a foot of snow (20F) for an hour or so after a fireside lunch and before the late afternoon movement.

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I would put the space blanket between your liner and sleeping bag. You are right it will not breathe but hopefully that won't be an issue provided you don't climb in hot and sweaty.
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You are thinking of an emergency shelter I believe they call it. The emergency blanket is really a eflective plastic that fits in a pocket size pouch. They are disposable really as they probably wouldn't last too long.
I picked up a couple dozen or so at the local dollar store.
WhayI'm more concerned about is this blanket holding too much moisture in being between the liner and the sleeping bag. It would be the most effective there, but with the good chance of being below freezing, moisture could be bad
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I thought I would update a few of my posts that are over due. Things have been pretty crazy with trying to find work, kids and all.

Anyway, the liner did work until we got into -5'C and cold winds coming off the lake.
I tried the emergency blanket between the sleeping bag and hammock and that just made more noise then anything.
The setup for most nights was a standard poly tarp over my hammock with sleeping bag and liner inside. The hammock was low to the ground and tarp reached right to the ground, keeping the wind under the hammock to a minimum.
An under quilt is a must at or below freezing.

Here are a couple photos of the setup over the 4 day trip.
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