Need help installing bannister/railings


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Need help installing bannister/railings

I need to install a 4' bannister with 6 railings along a knee wall. The bannister will span from a rosette on a wall to a newell post. The staircase is at a 40 degree angle and a cap piece of 1 x 6 will be placed on to of the knee wall along the stairs (parallel to the bannister) that the newell post and railings will be installed into. I want to cut a hole in the cap piece to install the newell post to the guts of the knee wall so it will be secure. I will nail the bottom of the railings to this cap piece.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the best way to cut a hole in the cap piece for the newell post, knowing that the cap is running at a 40 degree angle? The sides of the hole will need to allow for the slope. (The post is a 3" x 3")

2. I need to drill holes in the bottom of the bannister piece to stick the top of the railings into. What is the best way to measure and drill the holes at the correct angle?

I only want to do this once! Any insight is appreciated.
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Markdiy. You either finished the project by now, or if your like me, it's just another started but unfinished project. lol. What the hey.

Like most finished trim work, you don't need any fancy measuring tools. One easy way to drill the holes at the correct angle in the underside of the handrail, is to lay the handrail on your stairs, belly up. This will provide your angle for drilling holes. I then use a hand drill with a bubble balance indicator built in the handle and just drill straight down into the work (remember, the work piece is laying at the proper angle). Of course before you drill, you must layout the belly side of the handrail with pencil markings to know where to drill each hole.

This method provides a 'loose' hole, which is acceptable for all but the most intricate of handrails. Other methods would include cutting scrap of wood, say a 2x4 8" long, that is cut on one side to match the incline angle. Then hand hold the scrap to the drill as a 'drill guide' to hand drill the holes.

I have no cap advice as I did not understand your task well enought.

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