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Currently I am finishing a bedroom that has a small crack between the finished drywall and the ceiling. I have chosen to hide the crack by utilizing quarter round.

My question is can anyone tell me how to cut my corner ends so that they meet.

I have no problem when cutting for the floor but the ceiling just isn't working out the same as the floor does.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's confusing, isn't it? Although I've done it few times over the years, I still waste a bit of material every time I try it. I'm sure there is a guru on this site who can offer more help than I can, but I'll pass on some food for thought that may help meanwhile.

When cutting trim for the floor, the material is placed in the miter saw just as it goes on the floor, with the back (which goes against the wall when installed) against the saw's fence. It makes it a sort of logical process.

Now, if you cut trim for the ceiling the same way, when you place it on the ceiling, the part which was on the table of the saw ends up against the wall and the part that was against the fench ends up against the ceiling. The blade actually cuts the trim in the wrong plane.

Now, try to think of a way to cut it on the saw so that the side which rests on the table actually ends up on the ceiling. With crown molding, this is stated simply as "place the material on the saw upside down." With quarter round, that can be a little more confusing. At any rate, you will need to cut with the surface that is to be placed on the ceiling against the table of the saw in order for the blade to cut the correct plane.

Let us know if this helps you get started.

Have fun,

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