Above garage door storage

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Above garage door storage

I basically need more storage space in my garage, and the only place left is the space above the garage door. I have found some metal shelving products specifically desgined for this space. To me they just seem to cost to much. I want to build my own storage. My question is, how should I attach it to the joists as my garage ceiling is drywalled.
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Hi Xtreme,

Welcome to the forums.

I built the same thing you're talking about.

Locating the joists can be done with a regular studfinder, or in my case, you can just see where the screws are that attach the drywall to them.

I built a set of hangers that are nothing but 2x4's screwed together and then screwed to the joists. It can handle bit of weight, but I only use it to store window screens and ladders, and the disassembled hammock stand and stuff.

Works great!

I also built a shelf on above the garage door header (above where the door opener attaches to it). It's ashelf that's 12" deep and 16' long, and holds a lot of stuff.

Hope this helps.
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Be a little careful with this project. The ceiling joists in most garages are already spanning 20 feet or more and aren't intended to carry a lot of additional load. Most of the sagging garage ceilings I've seen have resulted from homeowners using the garage "attic" space for storage.

Keep it as light as you can. My personal rule is that if I can't lift it with one hand, it doesn't go above the garage.
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Good advice Dave_D1945,

Kinda why I keep light stuff up there. Although my garage roof system is built with trusses, so it can handle a little more weight than regular joists.
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weight concerns "Hanging Loft"

Hi all...I started out on this project this morning. My intent was to put it all together using angle-iron and a few cut down sheets of plywood. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much angle iron cost!

My next plan was to build a frame of about 7' x 6' out of 2x4's and screw them into the support beams in the ceiling. From there, I was going to screw in 4 or 5 shorter 'hanging' studs on each side of this frame. From there, I would screw a 2x4 across these hangars and then another 2x4 (flat) on the bottom of the 2x4s and hangars. Lastly I was going to slide in some 3/8" plywood supported underneath by another 2x4 or two.

So, although I completely agree with the light weight items being stored up here (mostly empty collector boxes) my concern is with the weight of this contraption I'm building! is this too much?
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Welcome to the forums! The only way to safely build a hanging rack such as this is to locate the ceiling joists, cut holes in the drywall to allow your support member (2x4, etc) to extend into the attic space. Bolt these support members to the sides of the joists from above. Then you can build whatever shelving system you want, keeping in mind all your force is vertical, and you need to construct it to where the pressure won't pull out your fasteners. Using angle brackets on the lower members helps to strengthen this.
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Originally Posted by Tallus
Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much angle iron cost!

this is why i pick up thrown away bed frames, when i see them.
i weld them into strong shelving. all free
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3/4" pipe?

Dave is right about being careful not to overload the rack - I can get away with that load because the garage ceiling is the underside of the floor of my office above.
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Question Wall mount spans?

Hello. I'm new to the forum I just found this forum looking for garage storage info. I like the above the door storage ideas.

I was thinking about using 2X4 or 2X6 lumber screwed to the walls and spanning the entire garage above the door. I can then use plywood for a solid shelf. I think attaching to the wall and not the ceiling will support the weight better. I could also attach a few 2x4 hangers to the ceiling in the middle. This will help keep the shelf fro sagging in the middle.

My only question is to use 2x4 or 2x6. 2x6 are stronger and will not sag as much but come at the loss of storage height between the shelf and ceiling. I only have about 30 inches I can use. What do you guys think?

I plan on useing the space for christmas things, and camping gear storage. Its a two car garage so we are talking about a span of about 18 - 20 feet between the walls.

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