Can warped laminate countertop be fixed?


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Question Can warped laminate countertop be fixed?

I am so glad I found this forum, it has been a great help to us in our home improvement endevours!
We bought this home 10 years ago and have put up with the ugly counter and backsplash due to being very tight financially, but now there is a warped section on the edge of my counter (heat from a pot being set on it by my daughter GRRR!). The laminate actually comes up away from the counter about 1/2" high in the middle and it's about 3" across. I hate this counter, but money is still way too tight to get new laminate. I was thinking of using a heat gun to "soften" the spot, gluing down the laminate and clamping it (all done very quickly, at least in my imagination! LOL)

Do any of you know if this will be possible to fix? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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that problem will be with you until you change the top sorry to say.
However if you turn off all your pilot lights and protect the floor you can use laccar thinner to seperate the lam from the top slowly working it between the crack and desolving the glue so that you can open it up far enought to try you glue technic make sure the thinner is dry before you put glue.
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You have another option that is a long shot, but cheaper than replacing the countertop. This sounds convoluted but try it, it should work. You'll need two people.

In the exact spot the bulge is, duct tape a coat hanger to the lam like a handle. You're going to pull up on the lam while a person is under the cabinet countertop drilling a nice size hole, like a 3/8" or 1/2" hole. You're pulling up the lam so the person under it doesn't poke through the lam. The driller needs to be *very* ginger about it.

Now, once the hole is drilled through the substrate, take a bottle of Gorilla glue (while pulling up on the lam again) and load as much Gorilla juice in the bulge as you can--- try to spread it out some by pressing down on the bulge in between squirts. Once you're sure you've got some glue loaded in between the lam and the substrate, remove the duct taped coat hanger and set something flat and heavy on that spot-- like a big ol pot of water (cool water) for several hours. Note that the Gorilla snot will foam up and ooze out of the hole you drilled at least some, so place some paper towels under the hole.

This is a lot of work but should do the trick to at least carry you over until you can replace it all.

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