How to repair european cabinet hinge on particle board


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How to repair european cabinet hinge on particle board

My son somehow managed to break off the hinge from the particle board on our cabinets and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. A large chunk of the particle board is missing where both screws go into in for the european cabinets. Is there some kind of filler or something that I can get to fill the holes then just put the screws back in where they used to be? I can't see any other way to do it without replacing the entire panel which would be major work since it's next to the dishwasher. You can see a pic of it here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I would put masking tape around the area, then fill it with bondo. Sand it flat using a block of wood with a piece of sandpaper. You will then be able to screw the hinge back on.
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I'll second the Bondo vote. It's not just for cars anymore.

I've even used it on guitars before, with excellent results.
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Vote three on the bondo. I use it all the time on wood, bonds fairly well.

I would, however, use a 3/4 screw (providing that the particle board is 3/4) to bite through the bondo into the particle board. The thickness of the hinge plate will , er, should, keep the screw from poking through to the front.

To get the white back, after you bondo but before installing the hinge, get a spray can of regular ol white Rust-O-Leum enamel (i'd avoid cheaper spray paint). It won't look "just like it was before" but certainly better than two big old pink blobs. At least it's on the inside.
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One more vote for Bondo. It adheres well to raw wood, but won't stick to a finish. Makes it easier to deal with 'slop over' when you're working on a tight area.
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Would this work for screws that have come out of the wood where the hinge attaches? Several cabinets doors are about to fall off because hinges that have detached and the screw hole has been striped (is that the right word?).
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Yes Krazy,

This application would work well for that also. In your case, you can also take some glue and toothpicks and fill the hole. Once it dries, break them off and then re-screw it in the same hole

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