How To Silence Squeaky Bed


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Unhappy How To Silence Squeaky Bed

Let me start by saying I have used advice from this forum over the years to build many nice projects.

My problem: My bed squeaks. The bed is a "normal" bed, ~10 years old, i.e. side support ~1x6 that connects to the head board and foot board with what looks a metal hook over a metal pin in the legs. I don't think the connections cause the squeek though.... The head and foot boards have wood spindles, which I think are the culprit.

All the joints appear to be tight, but, would a spray lubricant, like WD40 or cooking spray, help... or make the squeeking problem potentially worse?



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Usually if you sit on the side of the bed, you can isolate squeaks and determine their origin. Bed frame squeaks are usually where the frame hooks meet the wood. One DIY remedy is to slip a piece of cloth over the metal hooks that go into the frame. Spraying lubricants can provide a temporary solution where squeaks are a result of metal rubbing on metal, but lubricants wear off and must be reapplied.

If you have wooden bed slats, it could be the rubbing of the slats on the metal railings. Inserting a small piece of folded cloth or baby wipe under ends of slats may stop squeaking. If you do not have slats, then perhaps adding slats would steady the bed and prevent movement which causes squeaks.

Often headboard or footboard are loose, depending on construction. Check to see if there are screws, bolts, nuts, lock nuts, etc. Tighten any that you find.

Sometimes it's helpful to remove the headboard and footboard and reassemble the bed. Make sure the mattress and box springs are perfectly centered. If mattress is lopsided, it can throw off weight distribution and cause springs to squeak. It may be time for a new mattress. 10 years is the life expectancy of an average mattress.
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"The head and foot boards have wood spindles, which I think are the culprit."

That seems likely to me, though I'm not there to hear it.

Immobilize those old spindle joints with modern glue:

-You can get "Chair Doctor" glue, which is a very runny glue applied with syringe into the joints.

-You can make a poorman's chair doctor glue by watering down regular yellow wood glue. Use small paintbrush and gravity to run it into the joints, wipe off excess with damp cloth.

-You can tap the whole assembly apart and reglue properly.

Joints that shouldn't be glued, can be padded, as Twelvepole said. Also, paste wax can be crammed into joints.
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