Closet problems


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Closet problems

We recently bought a house where the bedroom closet was without a hanger bar or closet shelves. Using an old stud finder I attempted to map out the studs of the wall and mounted the new bar/shelf. I gave the bar a couple firm tugs and was content that the job was done. My wife successfully hung the first few hundred pounds of clothing, but as she proceeded to hang more, the bar/shelf collapsed, ripping the screws cleanly out of the wall, leaving a nice gouge in the side of the wall. Inspecting the gouge I realized I had plaster and lath walls, which thereby eroded my confidence that I had accurately located all the studs in the first place. I went and purchased a deep scan stud/metal/ac detector to hopefully detect through the lath, but my next findings only complicate the issue.

This closet shares a wall with the bathroom, and the electric for the plugs an vanity light seems to be running through this very wall, as well as the septic stack. The stack is also located where I wanted one of my brackets to go. Examining the holes I already drilled, I am not sure if I hit stud, or the lath on the other side of the wall. To make a long story short, I have very little confidence that I can proceed in the direction I was planning, and I have to take another route.

There does seem to be a stud in the center of the left and right walls that I could mount to, but I am concerned about supporting the middle of the bar, since my wife will (and should) hang her thousands of pounds of clothes. Also how would I mount any shelving if I cannot successfully get a stud in the back wall?

Please help!
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Closet problems

The four corners of the closet have studs. Go from corner to corner with heavy trim boards, about 2 x 6" nice finish boards.

Where your hanging rod goes, cut a horse shoe shap out for the rod to drop into. Do not cut too deep. Do not use a wood rod, get a galvized pipe (paints well) at least 1.5" to 2" in dia.

Install your shelf on top of these same boards. With your shelf now covering the metal rod, make sure there is enough clearance to put the hanger over the rod with hitting the above shelf board. (using the same material for the shelf will keep it from sagging in the middle)

If you would like another shelf above the existing shelf, use 2x4's in the same manner as you did the 2x6" boards, connecting to the studs in the corners about 12" up from the 2x6's.

On the second shelf you can use thiner shelf boards or plywood but add another 2x4 on the front edge to prevent sagging. (2x4 connects wall to wall)

Add molly bolts as needed in the middle of support boards, the kind that open and pull agains the inner wall as they screw tight.

You can also add pegs left and right on the boards that have no shelf resting on it. Good for ties, bath robs and singal hanging items.

Hope this helps,
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You can also buy shelving material (has all the predrilled shelf pin holes in it) that is made for vertical installation. You could install one on one wall, one on the opposite wall, then install a chrome closet rod (and mounting brackets) in between. You could even add an additional one in between if you wanted to create some small shelves or something to one side. If you can design and imagine it you can probably build it.
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Thanks for your feedback!!

To clarify: I would be attaching the 2x6s to the left and right sides of the closet?

You say: On the second shelf you can use thiner shelf boards or plywood but add another 2x4 on the front edge to prevent sagging. (2x4 connects wall to wall)

Would this 2x4 attach to the middle of the horizontal 2x6 below it?

Also, could you recommend the appropriate fasteners to attach to the studs (# or type, length, etc.)

Thanks again!!
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