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brad nailer: 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch Vs 5/8-Inch to 1-1/4-Inch

brad nailer: 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch Vs 5/8-Inch to 1-1/4-Inch


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brad nailer: 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch Vs 5/8-Inch to 1-1/4-Inch

Why would i spend more money for the 2 inch nailer? I'm not a pro so I don't need anything real heavy duty. I plan on putting up moulding, trim on cabinets and small wood projects. Is it worth paying extra for the brad nailer that goes up to 2 inch nail?

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Old 12-31-07, 05:52 PM
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Yes, I am sure you would find a use for the longer nail.

An average molding against 1/2" drywall does not leave much nail left for securely fastening it.
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I can't remember how long a nail my brad nailer will shoot, but I just grab the finish nailer if I need longer.
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I own both, but if I could only have one, I'd definately want it to be capable of shooting 2" brads, even if it meant paying a little more.

As mentioned, if anything you intend to install will be nailed through drywall, the 1 1/4" nails won't be long enough. It has nothing to do with being "heavy duty".
Old 12-31-07, 07:24 PM
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I have all 3, the short nailer (actually 2, got one in a kit), the 2" brad nailer, and the finish. I could probably do 90% of my stuff with just the 2" brad nailer. The 1 1/4" comes in handy for things like picture frames and bird houses (using 5/8 brads). But for any casing, chair rail, base molding, etc...out comes the finish nailer with longer thicker nails and much more holding power. You might check out one of the kits? I think HD and Lowes both have a Senco 3 gun kit (finish, 1 1/4 brad, narrow crown stapler) that would pretty much cover it all, and only run maybe $60 more than just the 2 brad nailer by itself.

Found this link to the one I'm talking about. Naturally Woodcrafters is gonna run a few bucks more.

Being able to use a longer nail is rarely a problem, but only being able to shoot 1 1/4" could be.
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I have both. I use my brad nailer in the shop more than doing HI projects. I use a finish nailer for trim work. If I only had one I would probably go for the brad nailer with a 2" capability.
Old 01-01-08, 08:08 AM
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I have the 1-1/4" bradder that holds everything in that size. Next step up is the 15 ga. finish nailer for door and window trim. The little 18 ga. will deviate if it hits a knot.
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Longer is better but not more expensive. I have a 1 1/4 bradder. It was expensive and I have used it for several years but I needed longer and didnt want to spend the bucks. I happen to visit a tool discount place. Harbor Freight and picked up a 2 inch model with a box of 5ooo two inch brads for 30 bucks.
It works great and I use it on many trim projects where I need the longer brads.

Here is how I do my house work. If the project is small I just take my air tank for filling tires. I installed a quick disconnect and a coiled plastic hose for greater length and ease of tool change. It will shoot enough nails for most of my projects.
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DC608K vs. DC628K

I have been struggling with the question as well. I am in the market for a cordless nailer, and like both the dewaults, above, however, it looks to me that with the angled nailer, I can only use the dewault nails, or so that is how I interpret the tool literature.

Any thoughts on that?
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