Carving a bevel edge :confused:


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Carving a bevel edge :confused:

I am constructing a wooden sign and have two issues I am dealing with:

1. I need to carve a beveled edge along the perimeter of a 2X8 piece of wood. I want the edge to have about a 45 degree angle around the whole piece(Im not sure if that is too big) so when its done it will have 8 sides. I assume the best tool to use for this would be a router. My question is what type and size of bit would I use? I am not familiar with all the types of bits there are. I know it depends on what type of cut you are making. I actually went to a lumber yard and they did not have the right saw to cut the angle so it looks like Ill rent a router.

2. I need to carve out the letters of the sign and have heard that the best tool for this is a dremel. I have went to tool rental center and they dont rent this out. I've heard this tool is similar to a router in that it requires a particular bit to carve out the wood. Again, how do I know what type and size bit I would need without purchasing evey single size bit? Is there any way to measure the size bit you would need?

All comments are appreciated.
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Why not use a table saw with the blade tilted to 45 degrees?
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You didn't say whether you already own a router or table saw or whatever.

Anyway, you need a, believe it or not, chamfer(ing) bit. It will have a guide bearing to ride along the edge of your 2X8. That will contol your cut. You will be able to buy one at any big box store.

About the only size concerns would be the shank diameter. It will be a 1/4 or 1/2". Your router may accommodate one or both. Smaller routers may only handle 1/4". The only other parameter is the cutting length. This is usually not critical. The chamfer surface only needs to be long enough to do the job for you. If it's a 2X8, then most any will probably do.

By the way, if you own or are going to buy a router, it can be used to cut your letters. The type of bit would depend on the profile you want on the edge of the letters. There are also many lettering template (kits) available for routers to help out with this project.

Good luck,
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