Router decision


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Router decision


WHat do you think? Milwaukee 5625-20 3.5 hp for 369$ Canadian or thr Freud FRE FT3000VCE 3.25 HPf or 269$ canadian. This is going to be used in a table.
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Router decision

I'd go for the Milwaukee if you want a good quality router. You can't go wrong with any Milwaukee, for a good industrial router.

I have a pretty extensive shop and use Jessem MastRLift's in my router tables with variable speed Porter-Cable routers in them both. I can't complain too much but one of the routers is older and the little board inside the controls has a tendency to go bad and you lose your ability to have variable speed. It's fixable but a known bug in PC's products.

I'd get the MastRLift for your table though. You can't beat it and it has 1/64th inch graduations on the dial so it's very easy to adjust accurately. One of the mags recommended it as best of type.

Good Luck.
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I wouldn't mind offering some advise as well, I am a licensed carpenter with 23 years in the trade; further, I am the seventh generation of carpenter in my family. When I was 14 I purchased my first power tool and my grand father offered the following advise:

"When you purchase a tool try to buy the best product you can possibly afford, your living as a carpenter will depend upon it. When you look for a tool compare all of the features and size them up with your needs both today and 10 years from now. When you have done this pick up and hold every tool that comes close to your needs, the tool that best fits your hands (is the most comfortable) will give you the best results despite the price tag."

I cannot convey how accurate that advise actually was and still is.

From your post I understand you intend to use the router solely in a table.

The Milwaukee offers good RPM (10-22K) with a 36 position speed control, soft start to help with longevity of the motor and above the table height adjustment. On the negative side it requires two wrenches to release the bit which will be a serious nuissance in a short time. Also, for the price, the kit is a little sparse, no 1/4" collar (I hate them but they are relatively disposable when the need arises), and few extras.

The Freud matches these features with a RPM of 8-21K, if you're going to run bit bits (large diameter) the slower speeds are useful. The Freud also has an extended spindle with through the base locking, a huge plus for table work, read: one wrench, no contorsions or acrobatics, better productivity, happier life... and lets not forget the lower price.
Now the down side, in independent testing the Freud's rarely do very well, that is not to say they aren't good tools excellent tools but when they go head to head with the best professional grade equipment they come up wanting.

To muddy up your choices I would also suggest you look at the Triton TritRC001, this router scores at the top of the class both in performance and value, costs the same as the Freud, and comes with a case, template guide set, edge guide (fence), even a couple bits. To see some of the features look here: Triton Workshop System :: Home Page

Good luck, have fun...
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