I need help bad!


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I need help bad!

I have a 2 year old house that Im wanting to improve but wasnt built with the highest standards(air nailers).My living room is wide open to the dining room and has pre-finished hard wood.My dining room has lenolium which has already started to come up from 3 seams coming together in a high traffic area(thrown together).I am wanting to rip up the lenolium and continue the hard wood to the back door to make it more formal.Also my hallway which is about 10 ft x 4 ft is carpeted and Im wanting to also tear up and replace with the same hard wood.My problems are for 1 Ive never laid any hard wood and 2 Im not sure on how to do the hall since it would be going from carpet to hard wood with 3 door openings without making the remaining carpet loose??? Also not sure about pulling off the 1/4 round trim without busting the drywall.I consider myself a very handy type of person but my wife wants to hire it done as I dont think she thinks I can do it right and I dont want to spend all that money to have it done.So I need some insight on how to make it even better than it is now so please guys help me out with a step in the right direction and sorry for such a long post.Thanks to any and all help in advance.
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Go to www.nofma.org and click PDF and then Publications and click Installing Hardwood Floors and download for free the National Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers Association's technical manual on installing wood floors.

Where 3/4" hardwood meets carpet, you install a baby threshold. It caps over the board and provides a flat edge against against which the carpet is installed.

If you have a 3/4" subfloor, you can nail the flooring over top the vinyl without having to remove it as long as the floor is flat with no high or low spots.

Quarter round can be removed by taking a nail set and hammer and driving the nail through the wood trim. A small pry bar can be helpful. Patch holes and paint if a painted finish and reinstall. If wood finish, patch holes, lightly sand, apply a new coat or two of finish, then reinstall. It is helpful to number quarter round pieces so you install in the same order and location where removed.
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Tell your wife that you can totally screw up the job at first, then re-do it and still save a lot of coin over having the job contracted out. You'll also gain the knowledge of how to do the job which is also valuable.

Installing the hardwood isn't rocket science. The manufacturer will likely be able to provide installation instructions and I would recommend getting a book covering hardwood floor installation. Home Depot and Lowes have these in stock. If you're installing 3/4" hardwood strip flooring you'll usually use a floor nailer. 3/8" strip flooring is often glued and edge nailed.

Your biggest problem will be getting the lineoleum up to get an even surface for the hardwood. Assuming the hardwood will flow from one room into another you want to avoid a "step" where the lino meets the existing hardwood. I've only removed lino once and ended up removing the plywood subfloor it was glued to. If most of the lino comes up clean the rest can be removed with a floor sander. Your lino is new but be aware that older lino often contains asbestos and sanding it is a wonderful way to spread it throughout your house. Be safe and have it tested first.

Quarter round comes off pretty easily with a putty knife or a small prybar. When installing the flooring you'll probably want to remove the existing base molding as well so it can be reinstalled to match the existing base molding over the existing hardwood.

This is a very do-able DIY project. Just take some time to learn how to do the job right *before* buying materials and tearing up the house.
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