Build or Buy an Unusual Computer Desk?


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Build or Buy an Unusual Computer Desk?

You may remember the PCs around 1995. I had
a Gateway with a heavy metal box. Back then,
they weren't making vertical towers. The box was
horizontal. It was commonplace to put your CRT
on top of the box. I had never experienced neck or
back problems until I was forced to constantly
tilt my head slightly backward to see the monitor.

Fortunately, this Gateway was in my own office,
so I built a desk with a large shelf that could handle
the box. As soon as the monitor was brought down
to eye level my neck and back problems vanished.

With price of large LCD monitors constantly dropping,
I would like to buy a 26 or 28 inch model. The question
is how to build or buy something that would not repeat
the same problems I had years ago. If the top of my
head is not level with or above the monitor I know I'm
going to have the same physical problems.

I've looked at computer desks on the web and in a few
local stores. What I need is a way to raise or lower
the monitor independent of the box, keyboard, and
mouse. I've thought about building two small desks
where the height could be adjusted on either one.
After each desk is adjusted to the correct height there
would be some kind of clamping mechanism that would
join them together. I've got a decent shop, so I could
build something if I have to. If there is a manufactured
desk or device that would do the job please point my
browser to their website.

Thanks guys.
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I worked on a pc years ago that was installed in a sunken position. I mean this monitor was burried at almost knee level. From a service point of view it was a pain. But the lady using it said they had three others on order and everyone loved them, at least hers.

Here is a link with maybe an idea for you:
Downview Computer Desk, Recessed Monitor Desks, Sunken Monitor Desk Computer Furniture

Good luck,
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I tried to remember where I had seen recessed monitor
desks. It took me several minutes to recall. I was visiting
an army training school many years ago. They had this
type of desk. The pc was incredibly primitive back them.
I have no idea what they were displaying on those monitors!

I come from a family of thin, athletic people. I go on wilderness
trips, scuba dive, etc. The idea that I would ever have chronic
neck or back pain seemed impossible. The modern pc changed
all that for millions of people. You are stuck in front of that
monitor whether you like it or not. I'm sure you've seen those
exotic computer chairs that try to prevent every conceivable
type of injury while sitting in front of your monitor for many

When I was younger I wanted to build everything myself.
These days, I use my shop to build things that I cannot
buy. I guess I'll have to build some kind of multi-level
desk if I want to use a large monitor. To avoid the kind of
neck and back pain I experienced years ago is definitely
worth my time and money.
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Oh yes, I remember those weird chairs, I'm actually one of those incredibly primitive people that used to work on pc's back then .

There are companies that sell very specialized office furniture, but they get a wicked price for it. Whether they have kept up with the latest sizes I'm not sure.

good luck
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Most good monitors allow vertical adjustment with the mount...I wouldn't be concerned until you get the monitor.

My wifes 24" is just fine viewing wise. Bigger should be better, as the monitor will be higher above the desk. Unless you are 6'5" shouldn't be an issue.

BTW..even PC's that look like they are designed to be horizontal, can be placed vertical. Doesn't affect anything except loading CD's.
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Look for an adjustable monitor

Many LCD monitors are height adjustable: look for one of them.

Many LCD monitors have a standard attachment point for a mount: look for one of them, then you can get a fully adjustable swing arm mount (like a hospital TV has).
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Many current monitors have a mounting bracket in the back to which you could mount a variety of custom fittings to position your monitor as you please.
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