Looking for some reassurance


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Looking for some reassurance


Some time ago I place a thread with regards to placing a wood structure ontop of carpet. I elected to take the advice on this fourm and remove the carpet, placing 6mil plastic down on the concrete surface before begining my work.

Since then I have gone one step further and built my structure in the garage, (still using plastic over the concrete surface before the placement of any wooden structure).

The red tape is 'tuck' tape as the plastic came in a roll and I overlapped and taped the sheets together.

The wooden platform is done now, and I have taken some pics to illustrate. I am just wondering...since I placed the project in the garage...will the high humidity in the summer months make the concrete wet under the plastic??

Here are some pictures..

platform pictures by Mach73 - Photobucket

In my contruct I used silent floor joists, enginnered rim joits, and 4 X 8 sheet of plywood. The structure itself measures 8 feet by 8 feet.

For anyone curious...the platform is the base for a non-motion flight simulator. If you check out "mycockpit'org" you will get a good idea of what I am planning.

(The reason for the large spaces in the forward section of the platform is to accomodate the control columns and various other equipment. Once I have figured out the exact setup, I will probably put reinforced joist down for added support)

Just making sure I am doing the right thing.

Thanks again

- Jim
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It looks good to me. I wonder if you should drill some holes in the side to allow air to flow.
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Since this is sitting on a slab floor, the issue is probably not the slab, but what kind of point load is on the plywood, and where??? Judging from the joist layout, you have taken that into consideration????
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Hello Bill

What do you mean by 'point load' ? I dont think weight is going to be a problem.
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It looks like what you are worried about is moisture wicking from concrete to the frame. I would say make a frame out of treated wood and secure that to the ground than attach your frame to that. They also sell moisture barrier strips about 5 inches in width that you can put between the treated wood and concrete. I would also put holes in your frame to help with air flow.

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