Building a shed - plywood questions


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Question Building a shed - plywood questions

Hey folks,

I'm building a shed to store my motorcycles in until I have time/money to build a proper garage. The flooring will have to support my 3 bikes, as well as my boyfriend's, so... approximately 2000lbs.

I've designed the subfloor with 3 pressure treated 4x4x12 skids, and then 12 pressure treated 2x6x12 joists. What kind of plywood is best to use for a strong floor? I've been looking at a T&G OSB Subfloor with a 23/32" thickness.

*** Is that good, or is there something better (or that is a better value)?

On the sides: I'm torn between using Plytanium siding and just normal plywood. If I use the Plytanium, do I need to put normal plywood beneath it. (I don't think so, but want to verify.) If I use normal plywood, what is the best kind? I assume A or B grade, but... thickness? OSB or...? Whichever I go with, I will end up painting it.

And, finally, the roof. I plan on putting on a shingled roof. What kind of plywood can I use under that?

I live in AZ, so materials have to be good for hot, dry conditions, if that makes a difference.

Edited to add: Also, what's the best way to cut plywood? For the most part, my design accomodates using the whole 4x8 sheet, but on the front, I'll be having to rip the boards. I have a great circ saw, but... would it be worthwhile to borrow a table saw for this project?

Thank you in advance, everyone, for any assistance you can offer!

(And apologies for putting this in the wrong forum - I just now realized this is an interior forum, not exterior. I'd move the post, but it won't let me delete it.)
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i would double up 3/4 ply for the floor>>> use t-111 for the siding... and use 5/8 ply for the roofBeer 4U2
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also just use the circ saw and go slow.. follow the guide not the blade
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You shouldn't have any trouble ripping down the plywood with a skil saw. If your extra fussy or just can't cut a straight line you could clamp a straight edge to the plywood. The saw guard is 1.5" away from the saw blade, so you clamp your straight edge at that point.
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You didn't mention the overall size, but one consideration for a temporary shed is to build it well enough that you can sell it when not needed, rather than taking it apart. That is if you won't need the extra space yourself, like we all do . Depending upon the size you choose, it may or may not be able to be moved.

Just a thought
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Awesome! Thank you guys for the recommendations - I went out last weekend, picked up the materials and am well along in the project. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this weekend. Cool!

Bud - that is a great idea about re-selling. I really hadn't considered that, but I love it. The shed is big - 12'x12' - so I imagine that's a re-saleable size. I certainly HOPE I won't need the extra storage once I get the garage built: I'm looking at 3 to 4 bays wide, with at least one bay at double depth so I have room for my lil girl twuck, the boy's car, the bikes, my woodworking shop & space to work on the vehicles. If that's ever not enough space, then I have issues.

Thanks again for the input. I can't WAIT to have the shed up and the motorcycles out of my dining room.
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