Attaching a table to a pole

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Attaching a table to a pole

My basement has a metal pole with a 4" diameter that's holding up the ceiling (and the rest of the house).

I have a circle of finished birch plywood that's just about 4' in diameter, with a 4" hole cut into it at dead center. The resulting donut shape has been cut in half.

I want to attach the wood to the pole (obviously) to create a table. I don't want to add any legs to the construction; I want the pole to support the weight of the table and any reasonable amount of weight on it. I also need the table height to be adjustable. The intention is for this table to be part of my daughter's basement playroom, so as she grows up (she's currently three) the table height will need to go higher to accommodate.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?
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What I would picture in my mind is wrapping the post with a square "sleeve" made of 1x6's, ripping them down to whatever size you need so that the inside of the sleeve would not be sloppy on the post. The height of this sleeve would be the minimum height the table would ever be set at. This will give you a base to start attaching the table to. Putting the two halves together with some glue and pocket screws would one suggestion. (See Kreg mini jig kit) You'll obviously need to attach some longer supports onto this sleeve in order to support both halves of your table top. These should probably be glued to the sleeve with some construction adhesive (like PL polyurethane) so that the table supports will never get loose on the sleeve.

To keep the sleeve from spinning on the post, you could place tee-nuts on the inside of the sleeve, (before assembly) and lock the sleeve down with a couple 1" long bolts, one near the top, one near the bottom. Heck, you could put a pair on each side if you wanted to.

To raise the table, loosen the lock bolts, raise and retighten. Once you start raising the table, you might want to have another sleeve made out of 1x8's to wrap the first sleeve. That way you wouldn't see the space under the sleeve as you raise it, and no one would get pinched if the table ever fell. (Such as if 3 girls were jumping up and down on it at the same time. (don't laugh they probably will at some point!) You could screw one sleeve onto the other too, for added support.
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The first thing that comes to mind is a shim/wedge(s) type thing. Set the wedge(s) flat on the pole with the small end up and then slide the the table down so the wedge(s) slips between the pole and wedge making it tight.

2nd idea is make a split collar out of 1 1/2" material similar to your table but when tight to the pole there will still be a gap. Then drill 2 1/4" holes to insert a bolt and nut (and washers) in each hole. Place collar on the pole and tighten the nut(s) to clamp the collar in place. You might have to add some screws into the table in the bottom to attach it to the collar.

Ooo.. Last idea. Cut doughnuts out of what ever material you want. Stack them on the pole one by one until you get the correct height. When you want it higher just add a doughnut.

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