Making a metal surface resist sticky labels?

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Making a metal surface resist sticky labels?

Hi everyone,

I have an odd request and I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I moved into a new house and the mailman in my neighborhood has a habit of affixing a sticky label to my mailbox and lists everyone's name on the mailbox who lives there based on the mail being received. I have never seen this been done before (outside of apartment buildings) and I consider it a violation of my privacy. Neither me nor anyone I live with wants to have our full names on the exterior of the house for everyone to see.

I spoke with the mailman who said he is not going to stop doing it.

The mailbox is a metal surface. I am wondering if there is any type of coating or shellacking I can apply to the mailbox so that sticky labels no longer work there?

Thanks a ton!
- Phil
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Was at Lowes the other day and they have a super slippery spray paint. Don't know if it will do what you want. Our postman puts names inside box here. If put outside I would contact Postoffice manager and complain there.
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I would start with the Postmaster. Politely explain your concerns and ask them to stop. Keep in mind that your name and address are not a secret by any stretch of the imagination and that your name on a mailbox doesn't mean as much as it did 20 years ago.

To prevent stickers from sticking you can rub the mailbox with a wax candle. If you really want to get nasty smear it with grease, petroleum jelly or silicone. But keep in mind that the postal carrier is doing their job and they will be handling your mail every day. What goes around comes around and that Karma is a B.
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Thank you for the suggestions I will give those a shot. Normally I wouldn't care except I had a bad identity theft issue a few years ago and am still suffering the damage in the form of bad credit. I am lucky that a family member co-signed on my new home mortgage otherwise the bank would not have allowed it. I am trying to prevent my personal info from being exposed to the general public so that this doesn't happen again!
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Waxing the mailbox was my first thought - sticker might still stick but I would think you could easily remove it afterward.

Anything that gets on the mailman, though, would be asking for trouble.
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Polish it with Armor All, however, my experiences with the US Postal Service would suggest a visit to the post office on up to the post master. But don't expect any favorable results. If you tick off the local delivery guy/gal your mail may be sent anywhere, they have a thousand rules for doing that.

Bottom line is, if you want most of your mail to arrive at that address, do it their way.
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I was thinking you could spray the box with PAM [isn't that the stuff used in cooking?]

I don't know why the PO has so much trouble delivering mail to the correct address. Before I retired, a new painting contractor moved into the same mail route and they routinely put his bills from SWP in my box. It was like they only read the return label and not the address

almost forgot welcome to the forums Phil!
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I would say smear it with oil. I wouldn't use a spray like PAM because it has a sticky substance in it. Just use some Veg oil straight our of the bottle. You could also cover the mailbox with a really rough coating. I'm thinking something like stucco, but not stucco. I'm sure the local big box has a floor paint or something with enough grit in it to make it hard to stick something to.

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