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last piece of wall cabinet would not fit, opening is 3/8 inch too narrow...

last piece of wall cabinet would not fit, opening is 3/8 inch too narrow...


Old 06-13-18, 06:53 PM
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last piece of wall cabinet would not fit, opening is 3/8 inch too narrow...

So we ordered these off the shelf cabinets and use a GC who is doing our house renovation project to install them. The cabinet seller came to do the measurement, however, his measurement was off a little along the wall where most of the top cabinets were hang. Problem is that side of the wall has an edge/side wall, so the last piece of 36inch cabinet could not fit in (off by 3/8 inch).

The cabinet guy was blaming GC for not double check the measurement/size before the ordering since he gae my GC the layout illustration. GC blamed the retailer for the off measurement and claimed he was never asked to verify those numbers. GC was suggesting replacing the 36 inch cabinet with a 33 inch and adding filler from each side. He was able to fit the base cabinets in (guess more wiggle room with the dishwasher opening). My question is if this remedy would look absolutely horrible.

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Old 06-13-18, 07:16 PM
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You might be able to gain 3/8" if you plane off the edges of the face frame until they are flush with the cabinet sides. You would definitely have room if you took down the next cabinet and did it on at least one side of that cabinet too... leave just a 1/16" or so, in order to be sure they still match up tightly.
Old 06-13-18, 07:21 PM
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If the base cabinets work, hard to see how the upper cabinets will not work. But proof is in the pudding. What if you did the following that will be not apparent to anyone but you. Remove all the upper cabinets, remove the drywall from behind the left most neo-angle corner cabinet and recessed it into the wall hung directly on the studs. That will provide 1/2" of needed space that you can use on the extreme right of the wall of upper cabinets to make them fit.

Cut out only the drywall that is behind the cabinet and no one will know that it is recessed into the wall. If the 1/8" difference is an issue, fur the studs out by 1/8" before you rehang the cabinets.
Old 06-13-18, 08:14 PM
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That's all some good ideas that my GC might not think of. I'll discuss with him. He was saying to grind down 3/8 would be too much, 1/8 inch he might be able to handle.

Or maybe we should work on the wall that's blocking the last piece?

I like the idea of grinding down less per cabinet but spread them out a little, the only concern would be, are the top and base cabinets supposed to be lined up? It's basically shifting multiple cabinets to the left.
Old 06-13-18, 08:20 PM
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The base ones work because the dishwasher was not installed. The new one is on its way, 23.625inch, I think the cabinet guy left 24" there, so a little bit wiggle room at the base ones.
Old 06-14-18, 02:12 AM
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Personally I hate cabinets that are mounted directly next to a wall,

Depending on swing and handles you inevitably get an interference with knobs and wall, I always use 2" fillers.

I would vote to use the smaller cabinet with filler, you will never get it cut down to look/function correctly.
Old 07-15-18, 09:40 AM
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I agree with Marq. Use the smaller cabinet and a filler piece on the right side of the cabinet. It will space it just far enough away from the wall to open the door fully without banging your knuckle or the door on the wall.

Old 07-15-18, 11:32 AM
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Well, you might make 3" work..


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Old 08-05-18, 02:58 PM
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There's a company making a fold out step-stool that fits in a 1.5" slot,

I've seen other companies making similar "fold-out-accessories" like temporary shelves and spice racks,

So, a 3" space isn't necessarily wasted space...

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