Fixing fading on blonde cabinets


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Fixing fading on blonde cabinets

hi- we are putting new cabinet pulls on our blonde wood color cabinets and when we removed the cup style 3Ē pulls the shape of he cup is shown on the wood. Itís not horrible but is there a way to blend it in a bit so it looks better? Iíve put some type of oil on wood furniture before and that helped but wasnít sure what to do here.

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Is it an indent in the wood or dirt, would not expect a cabinet located inside a house to face!

Suspect you will need new pulls that cover the mark!
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The trouble is that years of UV light has affected the color of the wood and the finish. So even if you lightly sand and refinish the wood, (recoat it with oil based polyurethane) it may not be perfect.
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Ya, often the only way to get rid of the color difference or if there is an indentation is to sand down to fresh wood.
Usually the easiest fix is to find pulls that either completely cover or disguise it.
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These spots will fade in time as well, you just have to be patient.
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The floors in our house are American cherry. They were all light blonde when I put them down. Then, during construction I put down craft paper in the high traffic areas. Several months later when the house was almost done I took up the craft paper and was shocked at the color difference. Then, slowly over the following weeks the light wood that was covered darkened to match the uncovered area. Still, 18 years later when we move an area rug or sofa the wood underneath is a different color. Not as dramatic as it was when new but over the following weeks the color all evens out.
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Yeah, cherry is especially sensitive to light. I once irreparably sunburned a piece of cherry plywood just driving 10 blocks with it in the back of a truck.

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