Best adhesive / glue for wood to wood to fix a break


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Best adhesive / glue for wood to wood to fix a break

I don't care about appearance. Looking for a short term fix for a piece of wood that cracked under too heavy a load. It's unfinished wood and I want to glue / attach a 2x4 to that piece of wood that cracked. Again, just for a short term fix till we get a replacement.

I had a 1/2 used bottle of gorilla glue with a gummed up nozzle. So I slopped it on both pieces (after wetting them). Made a mess and took a few minutes to get things set / clamped. It was already foaming.

Left it like that for 24 hours. A couple weeks later, it looks like the 2x4 didn't adhere well on 1 side of the crack.

What's the best to use to adhere 2 piece of wood together?

And now that there's gorilla glue on the surfaces, can I just use what you recommend? Or need to get that hardened gorllla glue off /get to bare wood again?

The original wood is 1" wide by 1/2" thick I don't think bolts / screws would work? Dirilling holes for bolts will make the original wood weaker?

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At this point I would say replace the wood instead of trying to glue it. You'll have to be very detailed in removing the old glue before I'd even consider giving another glue a chance. But, since Gorilla glue didn't hold I doubt you'll get any other to do better, especially now that there is glue covering both surfaces.
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But if you wait too long (a couple / few minutes?) / by the time the gorilla glue starts foaming, it's too late for it to get a bond? the wood IS glued well on 1 side of the break. I was likly trying to clamp it all together and took tool long on one side of the break trying to get things lined up? Or got it too wet?
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How about this:

It was sold at big orange bit it appears to not be available anymore.
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if you was trying to glue the crack back together would probably use a thin ca
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I wound up getting more gorilla glue. The problem I think was that the glue bottle top wasn't sealable anymore / it was old, So I put it on heavy, fiddling, I was getting it on my hands / I had some paper towels / that got in there and that's why part of the new wood didn't bond to the old. (paper between them).

I sandpapered, blew out the dust, used more gorilla glue after wetting....

and then I had a metal c clamp that I clamped down the 2 pieces really hard. (I had been using the harbor freight hand lever clamps the first time.

At some point can you clamp too much / squeeze out too much glue?!

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You should use their wood glue for your project rather than the foaming stuff.

Glue 2 pieces of 2X4 together with this and the fibers will tear out before the glue releases.

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I don't know if it's the best glue for the job but I have relied on Tite Bond carpenters glue for a lot of years. Properly applied it makes a very strong joint.
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