How to install baseboards when studs are not there


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How to install baseboards when studs are not there

I have a section of baseboard to install where studs are not available to nail into.

Suggestions on how to install the baseboard ( specifically the section I have is only about 2 feet long)

I have some drywall screws ( predrill a hole, then screw in?) , or I could buy some glue ( but not sure what kind of glue to use)?
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OK, I'll bite

Is there a shoe plate.....a 2x4 laid flat on the floor that the studs are normally tied into at the bottom .......? Try a nail down within an inch of the floor thru the dryall to see.

If you ran drywall screws in, what would they hit ? If just drywall, don't won't hold.

You could glue to the drywall...use a tube product like "liquid nails". Keep a prop/pressure against it for a day or so while it drys.
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Alternatives to glue?

I have had time to think about using the glue. I know I should not worry about future owners, but I am worried about what happens if anyone should want to remove the baseboard. I happen to like the floor, but maybe someday someone might want to put in a different floor and the baseboards might need to come out? Or maybe there is a glue that is strong yet removable. The section I need to glue is only about 18 inches.

I do not see that there anything along the bottom that a nail or screw can go into.

Is there some sort of fastner that can secure a baseboard to a drywall section that does not have a stud? I could look around for something at a hardware store?
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The "Liquid Nails" should work for what you're doing.

As for being able to remove it later on, it'll come right off w/a pry bar. Besides, if the new owners are going to rip up the entire floor, then one piece of glued trim won't be a problem.
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Cove base adhesive

Try cove base adhesive. Cove base which is the plastic base molding most used for commercial removes easily with a good pull. For removal, Score the sheetrock at the top edge of the wood molding and pry. This will keep the paper from tearing up the wall. I pulled 140 feet yesterday and their is minimal damage which was covered by the new molding. Bazooka is right. When all is said and done, 18" of damage is no worry for any type of remodel.
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Thanks for the help!

I have the liquid nails out and might use that, or I might look for the cove base adhesive tomorrow while out for various other repair items.

I won't worry about the future owner's work too much ( it is really a small section!) I think I am only concerned because I am fixing so many problems from prior owners on this house. ( Example - baseboards nails not nailed into studs, sections cracked and just left standing.... ). But hopefully the future owners like the tile and they will never know how the board is attached. It will be a lot better than how I received it .... just propped up against the wall)

Thanks again to all!

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Next time I am trying Liquid Nails Paneling & Molding product

I tried using Cove base glue on another project I was working on ( baseboard installation where studs do not exist). The problem was trying to find something that could press against the baseboard until the glue dried.

So next time I might try "Liquid Nails Paneling & Molding" The directions state to apply the stuff, press into place, lift off for 1-3 minutes, the press back into place. So hopefully this will set into place more quickly.
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Believe it or not.
A couple dabs of hot melt glue would hold a small 2' baseboard.

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