How to file for Disability


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Question How to file for Disability

My wife is the only one working and her legs have gotten so bad,she stands on them 6-8 hours a day,and it is affecting her very bad.How would we go about tyring to get her on disability.
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The only opinion that matters in this sort of thing is a doctor's opinion. And even then, they will tell you in not so many words, find another line of work.

Disability is something no one will get rich from. The common line they throw is, "If you can work at walmart and greet people coming through the door, you are not disabled." True to a point, whether you are sitting or standing.

A doctor's opinion and a lawyer can only provide those answers for you. Don't expect fast results and expect the advice of finding another line of work to pay the bills.
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You can file for disability on your own at the SSA's website.

But, you WILL get denied. When you appeal, you WILL get denied again.

If there is ANY work you can do, then as far as the SSA is concerned, you are not disabled.

Sadly, you're going to need a lawyer to have a hope of getting your claim approved.
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You are not suppose to have to do anyother work to qualify for disability such as a doctor that can't operate because he lost his arms, true he could still work as a greeter at Wal-mart but that is outside his normal field of work,, but doesn't really matter they will deny deny deny.... even lower back problems qualify people for disablity using SSA owns qualifying disablilties but they will still deny you... The only way is to get a lawyer and even then it will be along time... but if they finally do approve they must retro pay you all the way back to when you first applied.
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i am on it from lung and heart problems.i had some of the best docs tell me i would never be able to work because of the lungs.i tryed it twice my self and they told me i was not that bad.but test and everything did.i called a lawyer and he looked at my doc files and said they are a joke turning you down.he signed one paper sent it in and got it in 3 weeks.but he made a lot just for his name.i have had friends with cancer dieing and in the hospital get turned down.i had already went to 3 major hospitals in Alabama and Tenn. and been in the hospital 28 times in two years for my lungs then the heart mess is a very ruff road and no you cant get rich and i would give anything to get up at 4am to go back to my plant job or any job,but no can do.i was 33 when all this hit.
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mgeer, i'm going to echo what everyone else is telling you. My brother had a really bad car wreck and broke close to every bone in his body and completely lost use of his right arm and he has been turned down 3 times. Good luck.

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