4th of july


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4th of july

Is it mandatory for a company to pay time and a half if they make you work on the 4th of july?

Or can they make you work the whole day straight time without no incentive and fire you as a reprocusion for not comming in?
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labor laws are generally state specific but I don;t believe there are any states that require an employer to pay 1 1/2 times pay for any holiday.

as far as firing you for no show; absolutely. almost every state in the US is an "employment at will" state which simply means they do not need a reason to fire you and unless it was a discriminatory action you have no recourse.

both of those bits of advice do need to be tempered with this;

if you have a collective bargaining agreeement (as in union) that would control

some states have acccepted an employee manual or handbook as a contract (to an extent) and if the handbook offers adverse info, that may come in to play.

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