Bounced paychecks


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Bounced paychecks

I was working for a personnel service as a driver/porter. They bounced 2 of my paychecks, and i have not been able to collect on them. (to add a little sting I got charged $10 each by my bank for depositing bad checks) They gave me the run around for awhile, and I stopped trying. But I want to try to collect before the
end of the year. It is supposedly on the level, I filled out an I-9-? when hired and my stubs show taxes being deducted.

How should I go about collecting? I live in SouthEast Michigan. I only know the first name of the owner. Just ask any other information you need.


Below is the story if you feel like reading it.

It was a shady place, they shorted hours, and most of the other employees were poor, and uneducated. And they had bounced checks to a lot of the other employees in the past, but eventually paid up. The owner sucks the money out of the place.
A few months ago I called them, and gave them my infomation, check numbers, and amounts. They said they would have a money order sent to me by the end of the week. It never came. A few weeks later, they called wanting me to work again. I told them that i was still waiting payment for my previous paychecks, they gave me an email address to send copies of the bounced checks too. The email got bounced back, it was a fake address. a couple weeks later I went down there, with copies of the bounced checks. The girl there said she would give them to Victor, the owner, who would be in the next day. He never called. That was a little over a month ago.
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Contact the Michigan Department of Labor, wage and hour division and tell them everything.,1607,7...673---,00.html
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Not to mention possibly the prosecuting attorney, if Michigan has a hot check law.

Hmmm. I wonder if they're paying those deducted taxes in.
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Keep calling the bank on which the checks were drawn to ask if there is sufficient funds. When there is, go there immediately and cash them.
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Originally Posted by Integrator97 View Post
Hmmm. I wonder if they're paying those deducted taxes in.

To the best of my knowledge it doesn't matter. I once worked for an outfit that often paid with bad checks although he would make them good before the next payday. He would file his quarterly returns but never send the money. While he got in trouble with the IRS all the employees were still able to file their returns and get a refund if owed. If a company doesn't file the returns, it is another story!

My wife worked for an agency across the state line and never actually got paid. She recieved 1 bad check and no check for the other hours worked. Neither state would prosecute because the bad check was wrote in one state and delivered in another. She got a judgement for the unpaid hours - just can't spend it. She did have to pay taxes on all the pay she didn't recieve

Mitch's suggestion is probably the best bet for recieving your money.
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Originally Posted by marksr View Post
She did have to pay taxes on all the pay she didn't recieve
That's just wrong. I hate when I read things like that. The system can just be so screwed up sometimes.
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bounced check

I agree with most of the above comments.

You can contact the Attorney Generals office, but this may futile on your part. They have bigger fish to fry.

Another possiblity is contact the county prosecutor. Again this may futile. The point is however, this could rise to the level of a crime called "uttering and publishing" which means issuing bad checks when the issuer knew they would bounce.

Better business bureau might be another possiblity.

Finally, this business may require a license issue by the Dept of Labor and Economics. The guy/his company could possibly loose his license. The problem with that is the guy could just start a new company and start stiffing people all over again.

I believe the unemployment agency in Michigan has what is called an "anti-churning" statute meaning, a guy will have a bunch of shell companies (no assets) and keeps playing a shell game with all of them, so he is just one step ahead of the law. The Dept of L&E could go after the guy for this, but I couldn't tell you what chance that stands.

You may just have to chalk this up to one of those lessons in life and eat the loss.

Good Luck!

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