Loudermill Hearing


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Loudermill Hearing

Does anyone know what a Loudermill hearing is and under what circumstances it can be used. My husband works for a school district and the district appears to indiscrimately use a Loudermill Hearing to punish teachers who don't readily fall in line. They use the Loudermill in situations that are not a cause for termination. My understanding is that the history of the Loudermill stemmed from a case in which James Loudermill, a public employee, was dismissed without an opportunity to state his side of the story. The court ruled that the state could not deprive Loudermill of his salary (considered property) because of the 4th amendment (?) of the constitution. My understanding is that a Loudermill is used specifically for cases that involve a potential termination (elimination of salary). If so, is it legal for my husband's district to use the Loudermill in cases where there is no cause for termination? Please advise.
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Laudermill hearing

Consult an employment law attorney. That would be the best way to go.

Good Luck!

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