a union question..


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a union question..

I had an accident in a company vehicle Dec 29th/07 and the General manager wrote me up for it.
Because HE chose another union member as witness for me (and not an elected union rep),
I filed a greivance.
This was presented to the GM who signed it back as "denied".

Our union pres and I agreed to take it to the next step feeling like it was an arguable point, but that was a month ago and the Pres has done nothing with it since.
The union Pres is known for fudging issues, but we have no other rep on site.

At what point does this greivance process opportunity expire?
Can I sue the Pres and union for non representation on this issue?
If so, how would I go about it and what could be gained?

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I'd let it go. It's not fair, but how is pursuing it going to make life better for you in the long run? I'd spend the time and energy looking for a better place to work.
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a union question..

You can push it, but you will be wasting time.

Under most local greivance procedures, you can also introduce anything (like witnesses opinions), but it is still ones word (union or not) against another. If it is a local greivance, it counld be decided by a panel consisting of equal numbers of union and management (usually 3 of each).

The local panels can be tough, especially when it comes down to personal opinions AND upsetting existing union/management practices. You could get a good decision, but if it is a minor item, you will lose because both management and unions like to save up "I O Us" for bigger problems. If it is a major operational or work item and there is a provision for higher decisions, it will probably be deadlocked locally and and sent out of town/local for a regional decision, so there can be no complaints by any local business or management votes.

I have sat on greivance committes/panels and these cases usually end up with the committee panelists talking in generalities during a private and finally someone will say "lets vote". The opinion of the management and the union B.A. or president are very persuasive since they are known to the panel. Even when the decision is obvious, either side will makes sure that there is not a unanimous decision against the person, so they flip a coin to determine who votes for him even if he is wrong. - No one knows which person votes against the person and 5-1 decisions are common.
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Thanks for the opinions gentlemen.

I guess the main beef I have is that I pay $50 a month for no representaion when it's needed. I can't see the point of filing a greivance in the first place if we're willing to let management sign it back "denied" and it dies there.
We recently settled for a contract way below what I know we could have come away with, but the collective is weak and was'nt willing to "risk" a strike.

This union branch is very small with only 15 members, being a small yard in a multi national company. But I am known for speaking my mind when necessary so I'm not afraid of being thought of as "the s-- disturber at all. That's a given..ha!

So I'll let it slide and just learn from it.

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"Because HE chose another union member as witness for me (and not an elected union rep)..." You had the right to request your union steward and to not answer questions until the steward was present.

"So I'll let it slide and learn from it." That's the best course of action.

Here's some basic info on Weingarten Rights - the right to union representation: http://www.cueunion.org/general_info/weingarten.php

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