Age discrimination


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Age discrimination

I've been laid off with 36 others from my company. From the info in our release form, 84% of the people let go were over 40. This seems like age discrimination to me. Should I take legal action or just sign the release and take the severance?
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Would probably depend on a lot of factors. How large a workforce, do they have a last in-first out policy, were the layed off folks the higher paid people, do they go by seniority in layoffs, etc etc.

No expert, just some thoughts.
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The burden of proof would be to show that the layoff was due to intentional discrimination. If the company can show that there were factors other than age that called for the layoffs, then age is not a factor.

Too, everyone knows that we are in an economic down time with companies having to downsize and/or close. Unemployment is at an all-time high. In other words, it would not be difficult for the company to cite factors other than age for the layoffs.

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