income during surgery recovery?


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income during surgery recovery?

My brother-in-law will be having a surgical operation on his back in a few weeks. The doctors say he can expect to be laid-up unable to go back to his job during recovery which apparently will be up to 6-8 weeks they say. We're wondering if he'll be eligible in this case to collect any kind of benefits such as disablity or something, otherwise he'll have no income, no way to pay rent, etc. during this recovery period until he can finally return to work again. I looked into what it takes to collect disability benefits, but from what I can understand it takes 6 months after you file a claim to begin to collect any benefits. What do people normally do in this regard (about income) when they're in such a situation as my brother-in-law faces?
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Why is he having surgery - was he in an accident or hurt on the job?

If not, I can't think of anything

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