How to remove pot marks from kitchen sink?

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How to remove pot marks from kitchen sink?

Is there something other than cleanser that will remove pot marks from my white kitchen sink? We have a Kholer Executive sink and have some pot scuff marks on top of the bridge that divides the left and right sinks. The scuff marks are from the aluminium bottoms of our pots. I've gently scrubbed with cleanser without any luck. Normally, I would not have a problem with using more elbow grease if this were on the bottom of the sink. But this is a relatively new sink, the scuff marks are on top of the bridge, and I'm afraid using more pressure would abraid the glossy shine.

Is there anything that I can use to remove the scuff marks while preserving the shine of the sink? Thanks.
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You can use baking soda and water paste. Or you can use some commercial products like Soft Scrub, Barkeepers Friend, or Zud. These tend to not be very abrasive and clean and restore sinks. You also stop placing pots on bridge of sink and use mats in bottoms of sinks to prevent pot marks.
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Have you tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? That works effortlessly on mine.
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I hear a lot of praise for the magic eraser, but they just fall apart on me. I'd use Bon Ami here.
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I had the same problem and tried ajax and a magic eraser, to no avail. Zud took the marks off without much scrubbing. Looks like new!
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How to remove pot marks from porcelain sinks

I tried all of the above suggestions and none of them worked. I learned from an information sheet on environmentally friendly cleaning about using 440 grit sand paper. It works perfectly and is less abrasive than ajax etc.
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Just use a small, soft cloth (like a fragment of a diaper) and rub gently with a squirt of "Whink." It's the fastest, cheapest and easiest method. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and rinse with cool water.
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I used to clean aluminum screens from aluminum sliding windows in bathtubs, and the aluminum frames of the screens would leave marks on the ceramic tile.

I found that hydrochloric acid would remove those marks without harming the glazed ceramic wall tiles. Any place listed under "Janitorial Equipment & Supplies" in your yellow pages phone book and most home centers will sell hydrochloric acid based toilet bowl cleaners that will typically be 20 to 25 percent hydrochloric acid. That's plenty strong enough to dissolve aluminum marks.

And, I regularily use hydrochloric acid on enameled steel bathtubs to dissolve any rust in the chips in the enamel coating before filling with epoxy. And the hydrochloric acid won't harm the porcelain enamel coating on the steel tub.

So, if you have a porcelain enamel coating on your sink, and the marks are from an aluminum pot, I'd use a Q-tip wet with hydrochloric acid based toilet bowl cleaner to remove them.

But, test in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure the acid doesn't harm the porcelain enamel. It shouldn't.

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