Dry cleaning solvent for Microfiber couch???

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Dry cleaning solvent for Microfiber couch???

Hey Gang!

I've read the thread about microfiber. Yes, I too have been sucked in to the beauty of the microfiber. I think I top all you guys--I have a beige micro and also a nine-year old. So far, it hasn't gotten too ugly. However, about a year and a half ago a small baby spilled juice on it. It wiped away, but there is still a faint ring. I have a green pen mark (small, in the corner) and some UCT (Unidentified Crusty Thing). I haven't cleaned it at all fearing damamge. The tag says, "Only mild, pure water-free dry cleaning solvents may be uses for cleaning this fabric."

Nope, I am too cheap to spring for the Scotch Guard and all that warrantee mess. The brand is Simmons.

What level of quality is that?
What is the "stuff" to clean it. Where do I get it. What type of cloth do I use?
Will it work on an old stain?
Should I Scotch Guard is myself to prevent future problems?
I've never done it, but can you spray Fabreeze on it?

Holla Back!
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Care really depends on what the material is. "Microfiber", unfortunately, is little more enlightening than "rope" or "thread". Most consumer microfibres are 100% polyester or nylon, and can take a lot of abuse. Your fabric could incorporate cotton or silk, but I doubt the manufacturer would throw money away like that unless boasting it.

It might be invulnerable to paint thinner, xylene, or another powerful solvent. Ought to be, in my opinion.

BUT you'll need to find out just what material (which plastic) this "microfibre" is before deciding what to clean it with.

If the UCT is glossy, it may be an irreparable scorch (melt), as all microfibre fabrics are quite easily damaged by heat.
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If your care label indicates 'dry clean' only, you can spot clean using dry cleaning solvent (Energine), rubbing alcohol, or denatured alcohol. Test first in inconspicuous place for any ill effects. If in doubt, contact an upholstery cleaning professional.

Fruit juice dye stains are likely permanent. Crusty things can be scraped off. If ink stain is not permanent, it may be removed with solvent cleaner. Always blot stains from outside toward middle with with rag to prevent spreading stain.

Not all microfiber is created equal. Some are solution dyed while fibers are in molten state. Others are dyed after fibers have been spun and have may have unstable dyes. Microfiber originated as polyester, but now may contain nylon and acrylic fibers. It may also contain fibers that require dry cleaning. Microfiber fabrics are often very easy to clean, but should be cared for by following the specific instructions given by the manufacturer of your microfiber.

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