how to remove sulfur stains from carpet

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how to remove sulfur stains from carpet

My dog has been taking a sulfur-based medicine and has vomited on my carpet. I've tried enzyme-based cleaner, Resolve and alcohol without success. Any recommendations?
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A protein spotter usually will do the trick. As long as you give it the time needed 10-15 mins of dwell time treating a area larger then the visible spot. Now you have to keep in mind that vomit contains strong stomach acids..these acids itself are often the cause of the discoloration. I would suggest trying to protein spotter again. And extract after the dwell time. If that still does not do the trick. You may want to try a oxidating spotter. Be careful if you decide to go this route as you may end up with a lighter spot. But that is usually how i go, when confronted with this type of spot. Medicines can sometimes contain synthetic dyes. Those dyes can also cause the spots. But in this case i would almost assume its either still in there from the vomit or stomach acid.
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Sulphur is often used as a dye base for carpet dyes. Sulfur-based medications often contain additonal dyes. If an enzyme digester cleaner, as recommended, or professional carpet cleaning can not remove dye stain, then it is likely permanent.

Most carpet manufacturers tend to recommend that stains be treated as promptly as possible. Stain should be blotted with a cloth (e.g., a white cotton towel or white paper towel) that has been dipped in lukewarm water (100°F). Continue blotting until the stain is no longer transferring to the cloth. DO NOT RUB STAIN to prevent damage to fibers. Rubbing spreads the stain (always blot from outside stain toward middle) and makes it penetrate deeper into the carpet.

Any remaining stain should be treated with hydrogen peroxide. But, hydrogen peroxide is an oxygenating bleach and can take a toll on unstable dyes or carpet that was not solution dyed while fibers were in molten state. Test in inconspicuous area first by blotting (do not rub) with clean, white cloth or paper towels. Rinse or change cloths or paper towels as needed. Blot dry. Club Soda may be used instead of hydrogen peroxide and is often effective for removing carpet stains. Again, test any DIY cleaning method first in inconspicuous area before proceeding. Note: Sulphur based stains tend to be permanent.

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